Rio 3: The Copycats is a Japanese CG Animated Crossover Adventure released in 2021 by Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Amblin Entertainment after 20th Century Fox ended by Disney.


While Blue and Jewel go on a Romantic Adventure,

Rio 3- The Copycats Theatrical poster

they first met two newts named Newt and Brooke, later the newts copycatting them and Blu and Jewel told them what's wrong with them.

When they got back to the Treehouse, Blu pulls up and told Jewel and the kids "Look at this", Blu looks for more information and notice that Newt and Brooke had there own movie and they're ripping them off, it literally just happened when they're own movie cancelled because Blu and Jewel's movie released the same year 2011.

Blu and Jewel met Newt and Brooke again, and encounter each other, Blu fights Newt and told him "Don't try to Copy me you Copycatter", Jewel fights Brooke and chew Brooke's tail, The Birds tells the Newts to be their own themselves, badly Blu never gets rid of them, but the newts told the birds that they've had an enemy named Ozzy the Crocodile, so the Birds and the newts travel to Florida to defeat the evil crocodile, to save "Newt"

Back in Brazil, Blu search "Rio Ripoff" and the results are no more except one is "Alpha and omega", The Birds are bummed to this.


  • In the year 2011, Pixar cancelled the film "Newt" because the plot was similar to "Rio" that is released the same year.
  • The plot was similar to The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Copycats" where The wattersons meet the doppelgangers from Miracle Star
  • After "Angry Birds Rio" closed in 2017, Rovio set the new app "Angry Birds 2 Rio 3" a sequal of "Angry Birds 2"
  • "Alpha and Omega" another feature film's plot was similar to "Rio" and released the same year
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