Return of Monster Kid
Return of Monster Kid.png
Genre: Action/Adventure




Format: 1080p
Starring: Jacob Tremblay
Country of origin: United States
Language(s): English
No. of seasons: 3
No. of episodes: 39 (List of episodes)
Running time: 23 minutes
Production company(s): Man of Action Studios

Toho Company Ltd

Original channel: Cartoon Network
Picture format: 4K (Ultra HD)
Preceded by: Monster Kid: Evolution
Succeeded by: Age of Monster Kid

Return of Monster Kid is an American/Japanese animated superhero action-comedy series co-created by Toho Company Ltd and Man of Action. It is a sequel to Monster Kid: Evolution and set in the GodzillaVerse.

Plot Synopsis

The show takes place in the future where Max's son, Derek Stewart, becomes the new Monster Kid and defends New Diamond City from intergalactic villains and monsters just like his father with the help of his family and friends.



Main Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Hexagon - an alien amoeboid-like creature and the main antagonist. He serves as Derek's archenemy.
  • Dagger - an intergalactic arms dealer who builds and sells weapons to many alien conquerors.
  • Children of Zero - an evil organization from several humans and aliens who took inspiration from Zero, Max's sworn archenemy.
  • Dr. Zayne - a mad scientist.
  • Dawnberry - a mutant plant creature.
  • Darkeye - an alien race of ghost-like beings bent on conquer planets by draining the light from their stars.
  • Golden Spark - an intergalactic band with the power to force anyone to dance against their will.






  • In the show, most of the characters have new lives in the future.
    • In the future, humans, aliens, robots and mutants coexist with each other.
    • Max and Zoey are adults, married and have a family of three kids.
    • Max is a famous, yet well mature superhero throughtout the universe.
    • Zoey and Dawn inherits Wilson Enterprises and continuing defending the Earth.
    • Dawn is married to Andrew.
    • Mary and Harold have passed away.
    • Megan is the director of a high-tech company called Stewart Corp.
    • Dennis is the new owner of Stewart Tech.
    • Daphne inherits Stewart Robotics from Jade.
    • Daisy becomes a scientist at Stewart Robotics.
    • Cora is a famous actress and singer.
    • Andy inherits Deleon Corp.
    • Trixie is the news anchor for Diamond City's news network.
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