Reilly Toons Fighters is a fighting comedy video game published by Bandai Namco Games. It was released on July 18, 2017. The game is featuring the Reilly Toons characters (both theatrical and The Reilly Toons Show characters). Reilly Toons Fighters is inspired by Capcom's Street Fighter, Neatherrealm's Mortal Kombat and Injustice.


The gameplay of this game, player can fight with the other players in Classic Mode, Tournament Mode, Versus Mode and Multiplayer Mode. Unlike Street Fighter, there are the items just like the Super Smash Bros. series such as, a mallet, an anvil, a frying pan, a dynamite, a baseball bat, a bomb, a sledgehammer and a pie.




  • Ike
  • Squeaky
  • Anthony
  • Harold
  • Chucky Fox
  • Chippy Chipmunk
  • Snuffy Dog
  • Patty Mouse
  • Rose Cat
  • Philip Cat
  • Abraham Owl
  • Juliet Rabbit
  • Puncher Hedgehog
  • Maisy Magpie
  • Matthew Dog
  • Euguine Cat
  • The Red Fox
  • Sweety Woodpecker
  • Hokey Tiger
  • Pokey Crane


  • Clyde the Bulldog
  • Skittle
  • Cubby
  • Bruce Foxhound
  • Wolfgang Cat
  • Screwy Wolf
  • Cecil Lizard
  • Wakky Yak
  • Boxer Kangaroo
  • Diana Kangaroo
  • Joey Kangaroo
  • Josie Kangaroo
  • Alvin Goat
  • Gilbert Goat
  • Baby Puppy and Louie Cat
  • Hungry Buzzard
  • Hank, Honey, Kooky and Elsie Mouse
  • Dina, Harry and Mouser Coyote
  • Butch the German Shepherd
  • Super Cat
  • Power Dog
  • Snappy Cat
  • Dexter Cat
  • Cool Grizzly
  • Link the Cheetah
  • Claude Dragon
  • Lilly Dragon
  • Greg Dragon
  • Teresa Dragon
  • Morton Dragon
  • Poindexter Good Luck Cricket
  • Hottie Good Luck Cricket
  • Dizzy Good Luck Cricket
  • Strongbones Good Luck Cricket
  • Grumpy Good Luck Cricket
  • Musical Good Luck Cricket
  • Handsome Good Luck Cricket
  • Chef Good Luck Cricket
  • Funny Good Luck Cricket


  • Master Good Luck Cricket
  • Granny



Arcade variants

Home versions

Voice cast


  • This is the first Reilly Toons video game.
  • Ike and Squeaky's original voice actors Kevin James and Patton Oswalt are replaced by Kyle Hebert and Jeff Bergman in the game.
    • Ike's voice is based on Ryu's voice from Street Fighter.
    • Squeaky's voice is based on a smaller version of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck's voices from Looney Tunes.
  • Master Good Luck Cricket serves as an announcer of the game.
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