Regular Show: Across The Second Dimension is an video game based on Regular Show. It will feature Mordecai and Rigby travelling to another dimension where Benson doesn't exist, Gene becomes the new Park owner and Thomas is killed in action. It's up to Mordecai and Rigby to restore time in this strange dimension and team up with Skips, Hi Five Ghost, Muscle Man and Pops.


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  • J.G. Quintel-Mordecai, High Five Ghost
  • David Odgen Stiers-Mr. Maellard
  • Mark Hamill-Skips
  • William Salyers-Rigby
  • Troy Baker-Park Avenue
  • Sam Marin-Benson, Pops, Muscle Man, Garret Bobby Ferguson
  • Janie Haddad-Margaret
  • Minty Lewis-Eileen
  • Roger Craig Smith-Doug Shablowski, Thomas, Garrett Bobby Furguson Jr.
  • Kurtwood Smith-Gene
  • Nolan North-Evil Park Memebers
  • April Stewart-Susan
  • Dee Bradley Baker-Halloween Wizard (Takes over for Mark Hamill, since he didn't want to do two characters in one game)


Regular Show: Across The Second Dimension is an action advenutre gamewhich is seen from third person perspective. There is multiplayer in the game to let another person controll Rigby.


Easy-A mode for the people who are unfamilliar with the game

  • Normal-A mode which is recommended for all players
  • Hard-A mode for people who has played other Cartoon Network games or the very brave
  • New Game +-A mode where you keep your upgrades and weapons. But, the enemies are going to be tougher right from the start.

Multiplayer Online

  • Easy-The non playable characters will be easier for starters
  • Normal-The non playable characters will be normal and will spot the Park Strikers
  • Hard-The very brave has to defeat 26 non playable characters.


Multiplayer Online

Warner Bros has announced an multiplayer online experience using characters from the game and you can also use DLC characters if you get the codes with the game.

It is just like Batman: Arkham Origins "Invisible Predator Online"  but you can use Regular Show characters. 

There are four gangs in this mode. The Halloween Crew, a gang led by the Halloween Wizard. Susan Rules, a gang with Susan and her followers. The Rivals, led by Gene and The Magical Elements, who is led by Death. And The Park Strikers, has to be invisble predators to defeat all of the rivals they faced in their past.

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