Red Dwarf: The Animated Series is a upcoming animated British sci-fi comedy based on BBC's live action television series by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor. This programme will be broadcasted on Dave, BBC Disney and Disney XD in 2023. This programme will also be streaming on Disney+ in 2023.

Red Dwarf: The Animated Series
Television show information


Sci-Fi, Comedy, Animated

Created by

Rob Grant

Doug Naylor


Robert Llewellyn

Craig Charles

Danny John Joles

Chris Barrie

Hattie Hayridge

Opening theme

Red Dwarf Opening Theme

Country of

United Kingdom



No. of seasons


No. of episodes

120 (List of episodes)


Running time

27 Minutes



Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney–ABC Domestic Television (United States)

Grant Naylor Productions



Disney XD

BBC Disney




Main Cast

  • Chris Barrie as Arnold Rimmer (Voice)
  • Craig Charles as Dave Lister (Voice)
  • Robert Llewellyn as Kryten (Voice)
  • Danny John Joles as Cat (Voice)
  • Hattie Hayridge as Holly (Voice)

Secondary cast

  • Nicholas Briggs as Daleks/Cybermen (voice)
  • Corey Burton as TBA

Guest Stars

  • Josh Keaton as Sonic the Hedgehog (Voice)
  • Tara Strong as Princess Sally Acorn (Voice)
  • TBA as Miles "Tails" Prower (Voice)
  • Peter Capaldi as the Doctor (Voice)
  • David Tennant as The Doctor (voice)
  • David Bradley as The Doctor (Voice)
  • John Simm as The Master (voice)
  • Billie Piper as Rose Tyler (voice)
  • Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones (Voice)
  • TBA as Sarah Jane Smith (voice)
  • Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder (Voice)
  • Norman Lovett as Holly (voice)
  • Chloe Annett as Kristine Kochanski (voice)
  • Mac McDonald as Captain Hollister (Voice)
  • Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Voice)
  • Mark Williams as Olaf Petersen (Voice)
  • TBA as Stephan Strange/ Dr Strange (voice)
  • TBA as Captain America
  • TBA as Peggy Carter (voice)
  • TBA as Dougal
  • TBA as Florance
  • TBA as Ermintrude (voice)
  • TBA as Dylan (voice)
  • TBA as Mr Mchenry (voice)
  • TBA as Mr Rusty (voice)
  • TBA as Brian the snail (voice)
  • TBA as Iron Man/Tony Stark
  • TBA as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
  • TBA as Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff
  • Drake Bell as Spider-Man/ Peter Parker
  • Keleey Hawes as Lara Croft
  • TBA as Tron/ Alan Bradley
  • TBA as Kevin Flynn
  • Chris Sanders as Stitch
  • TBA as Lilo Pelekai
  • TBA as Mowgli
  • TBA as Baloo
  • TBA as Bagheera
  • Jim Cummings as Colonel Hathi/Kaa
  • TBA as Shere Khan


  • Daleks (Both Original and 2005 Revival appeared in eleven episodes)
  • Cybermen (Both Mondas and Cybus)
  • Davros
  • Polymorph
  • Gelfs
  • Simulants
  • Simulant General
  • Paradroids
  • Nazis
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Kim Jong-Um
  • Rasputin
  • North Korean Troopers
  • Oni Samurai Warriors
  • H.Y.D.R.A
  • Simulant Troopers
  • Dinosaurs
  • Green Goblin
  • Red Skull
  • Lieutenant Simulant


  • StarBug
  • Red Dwarf (First Run Only)
  • Tardis
  • Blue Midget
  • White Midget


Season 1 - 19 Episodes Each

Season 2 - 20 Episodes Each

Season 3 - 22 Episodes Each

Season 4 - 24 Episodes Each

Season 5 - 23 Episodes Each

VHS/DVD/Blu Ray Home Releases

The first five animated series of Red Dwarf will be Released by Disney and BBC

Red Dwarf: The Animated Series season 1:

  • Byte 1: JMC (Part 1 & 2)- 7 Episodes each
  • Byte 2:
  • Byte 3:


  • All of Red Dwarf characters are entirely appeared in their original designs from series 1-5 instead of series x but only two episodes.
  • According to early design of paradroids was typically based on the concept of unproduced Red Dwarf: The Movie but apparently has been used for the animated series.
  • This is a first animated series of Red Dwarf is been produced by Walt Disney Television, Grant Naylor Productions and BBC Studios
  • All of soundtrack from season 1-4 were originally composed by legendary Howard Goodall is set to return for the entire animated series.
  • This is a first 2D animated series along with some CGI Cel shaded Animation has been produced by BBC, Grant Naylor Productions and Walt Disney Television Animation. Using the same animation technique as reconstruct a lost episodes of classic Doctor Who.
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