Recess: Journey Beyond Time is the 2018 animated television film.


The movie starts with the gang beginning their first week in the fifth grade until they see a mysterious new girl named Molly Mayne. She wears her white shirt with a cyan bells and a white pants with the pink spikey boots. She helped Mikey with his bike which the chain fell off before walking into school. Mikey discovers that new girl is very beautiful before T.J and the gang sees her walking in.

In class, Miss Finster is teaching and introduce Molly Mayne, the girl who fixed Mikey's bike earlier, to the class. Spinelli discovers that Mikey is right because she is beautiful. Mariel let Molly sit between Gretchen and Mikey. Randall discovers something that Molly is something more than a human.

Meanwhile, A man named Agent Jack Williams breaks Dr. Slicer and James Stone free from jail and together team up to seek revenge on the kids with a help from Tad White.

At the Jungle Gym, T.J. and the gang shows Molly the playground, Vince explains that King Bob was the king a year ago but he graduated. Spinelli shows them the Ashleys' secret clubhouse. Mikey tells him that Randall's a snitch.

Then, Mikey confesses to Gretchen about his crush on Molly. T.J invites Molly to have lunch with them and Molly kindly accepts. Vince tells T.J that there's a familiar black car of old fashioned design.

Voice Cast

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