Part 1: The Glade of Dreams Newest Arrival

(Show Universal Pictures logo)

(Show Illumination Entertainment logo)

(Show the Black screens and then it fades to blue sky background)

Text: Universal Pictures presents

(The film opens to the Glade of Dreams as the camera moves to a Hall while the text appear on screen "A Chris Meledandri production")

Teensies: Go! (x8) (while one Teensy jumping the rope)

Ice Cream Man: Here your Ice Cream.

Teensy kid: Thanks.

(the camera stopped at Machida Shopping Centre)

Magician: Woo-Hoo, I'm going to be A Dad!! (start running back at Home) I just talk to my wife, the baby is going to came out from her belly!!

Fat Frog: Get out of my Way!!

Magician: Oh, Sorry, I'm gonna be a Dad, Woo-Hoo, Oh Yeah.

Raypeople: Good for you, Man. (as Flying Frog tries to grab someone hair) Don't even think about it!!

Flying Frog: Aw!

Magician: Woo-Hoo!! (Almost trip a Rayperson with Bottles)

Rayperson with Bottles: HEY!!!

Magicain: Woo-Hoo!! (laughs)

Rayperson who got trips over Magician: Ow!!

(cut to Betilla's House, Which is Sunsetting in the Sky)

Magician: Hi, Please to meet you!!

Rayperson who mower the lawn: Hi.

Magicain: It's a Beautiful Day (cut to Magicain inside house) (sigh) I'm Here! I'm Here!

Betilla: Oh, You were too late to come back home.

Magician: Darn!!

Betilla: But that okay, We will spend time with me.

Magician: Wow!

(fades to falling Lums and showing the film's title, then fades to Magician and Betilla cooking together)

Betilla: Honey, You got a wrong indi--

Magician: No, No, No, No, I got this solved!!

(cut to Magician and Betilla watching television, eating Popcorn, Magician tries to pick popcorn out of the bowl, But the Bowl tip over, making a mess)

Magician and Betilla: (gasps for 2 second and laugh)

(cut to Betilla's House at night)

Magician: Push (x4) (grunts)

Betilla: (grunts)

(cut to Betilla pushing out and Magician look at Betilla, then Magician trips over into the Box)

Betilla: (laugh for 4 second and gasps)

Baby: (crying, as Magician get up out of the Box)

Betilla: 12 hours of labour.

Magician: Oh, It's so worthless, Oh, look at Him, look at Him! Rayman, He got his orange little hair and dark blue eyes, I knew that was dark blue eyes on her, I knew He were smart of those raypeople, this guy got the great thing for the world, I can feel it.

Betilla: Honey, What is that thing over there?!

Magician: Oh, Umm, I think it's like over-- (being silent in 1 second) (giggles) You're wanna a boy, right? (cut to Betilla and Baby Rayman looking at him, then it cut to Magician, who is now holding a syringe) (clears throat) This won't sting a bit, son.

(cut to Baby Rayman, who got shocked without opening mouth and he staring to cry louder, camera zooming into Baby Rayman mouth)

Part 2: Rayman Growing Up

(camera flashes to Magician play silly games with Baby Rayman, which he's still crying)

Magician: Woo, Wooo (Baby Rayman stopped crying), Boo, Boo, Boo, Boo!! (Baby Rayman start crying again, then Magician touches Baby Rayman Nose) got ya nose (Baby Rayman started to laugh) got ya, got ya-- (He slip and headbutt Baby Rayman's head, making him cry again) Uhh, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry!!

(camera flashes to Magician reading a Magazine and Betilla holding Baby Rayman, which he still crying again, after 4 second, Magician pick a paint brush and paint it in purple shirt with O on it for the whole franchise, which make Baby Rayman stopped crying)

(Another camera flashes to Baby Rayman walk to Betilla with Magician along with Betilla and her sisters taking a photograph at Baby Rayman and Betilla)

(Another camera flashes to All of Photograph from Baby Rayman to Younger Rayman, then Magician holding a box with Younger Ami run to Phil Onuki, Which Younger Rayman has now orange hair, and a purple shirt with the O, and a White shoes.)

Magician: Hi, Daughter.

Youngest Rayman: Are those lums?

Magician: They sure are!

(Youngest Rayman look at the Box)

Youngest Rayman: Wow!!

(cut to Betilla cooking in the Kitchen)

Youngest Rayman: Those aren't lums?!

Magician: Well, Umm, they're are red lums, so...

Betilla: There, is for my sister, Big Mama.

Magician: and there is only for you.

(Youngest Rayman felts sad, then it fades to a nice suburban neighbourhood, full of peoples happily living their lives. Rayman parents wave sweetly as younger Rayman came back, with that.)

Younger Rayman: Hi Dad.

Magician: Hi Rayman, but I have exciting news for you!

Younger Rayman: What is it?

Betilla: Tomorrow is your 9th birthday.

Younger Rayman: Wow. Tha-that's really exciting. Well I'm off to my room now! (Youngest Rayman head off to the room)

Magician: Oh, but I'm not done yet. This is a "special birthday" for the likes of YOU! I always get excited about all the things there! And best of all, I would like have a... best friend forever and who stay with me forever.

Younger Rayman: (in unison) Woah woah woah! BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!?

Magicianq: Yeah! You must feel so excited to see what it's like, huh?

Younger Rayman: Yes I do!p

Phil Magician: *sigh* If only I could go with you to your "special birthday".

Younger Rayman (thinking) Well... tell you what, if I'm had a best friends and maybe later I'll introduce you to all my other friends after tomorrow.

Magician: Okay then, you go to your room and I can handle your best friends decide!

Youngest Rayman: you be alright, since my cousin still on vacation in Florida?

Magician: Oh, Rayman. Of course I'll be alright!

Younger Rayman: Okay. (starts walking) Bye! *door closing*

(Silence for 10 seconds as Youngest Rayman starts laying down on the couch, flipping through several channels on the TV)

Coming Soon

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