Act I

[Background Music: Dream Meltic Halloween (Instrumental) - Vocaloid]

[scene cuts to at 7:00pm as it zooms down to Annabelle's house. Annabelle was walking in the room picking out something to wear.]

  • Annabelle: Hmmmm... What should I be for Halloween? [picks out of a black dress with a long skirt] Oh! I know! [puts it on] There! All better. [confused] So, where did my hat go? [points to the witches' hat on the floor] There is it! [puts it on] There! I am ready to go trick-or-treat!

[Anna walks out to the door as the scene cuts to Kyle in his vampire jumping out of the room, hissing]

  • Annabelle: [jumps and screams] Kyle! What are you supposed to be?
  • Kyle: Oh! Ummm... A vampire?
  • Annabelle: Yeah! And you scared me half to death!
  • Kyle: I know, right?
  • Annabelle: Right! With that ridiculous costume with that lame cloak on it and some weird fangs.
  • Kyle: I know! I am ready to go trick-or-treating!

[Anna facepalms]

  • Jack: So, are we ready to go trick-or-treating?
  • Annabelle: NO!
  • Kyle: I am! [raises hand]
  • Jack: Come on, you should go out with Kyle.
  • Annabelle: I'm too old to go trick-or-treating!
  • Jack: You are 14 and you should go with Kyle.
  • Annabelle: Lucy might be going as a leopard for Halloween! She was wearing cat ears, a leopard tail and a leopard-printed dress!
  • Jack: Okay, you should go with Kyle.
  • Annabelle: Fine! I'm going...
  • Kyle: Yay!

[scene cuts to Annabelle was holding hands with Kyle, who was holding his candy bag along with Lucy, who was wearing a leopard printed dress, leopard cat ears, leopard tail and black boots, Johnny, who was wearing his Danny Phantom costume and Alex, who was wearing his Tenth Doctor costume]

[Background Music: Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod]

  • Annabelle: Screw trick-or-treating, screw little kids and SCREW GROWING UP! I don't want to grow up as an adult, anymore.
  • Lucy: Why are you mad?
  • Annabelle: I don't want to be 15! If I will be a teenager, I can't go trick-or-treating with Kyle! Even thought I'm too old to go trick-or-treating.
  • Johnny: Don't be angry. We have some of the friends here. [he points to a group of shadowy figures standing here]
  • Kyle: Who are they?
  • Alex: They are your friends.

[the shadows reveal to be Raven, who was in her Witch costume and Mordecai, who was dressed as a knight]

  • Raven: Hi there, guys. I'm Raven and this is Mordecai.
  • Mordecai: We are ready to go trick-or-treating. Do you have your candy bags?
  • Annabelle: Yes. I already had one. But, I'm a teenager. I will be 15 in December 3rd.
  • Raven: Sounds cool. But, you should go trick-or-treating with us!
  • Lucy: Awesome!

[Alex decides to go to a Halloween party because he's too old for now as well as Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, Margaret and CJ] [they run to the house as Lucy pressed the doorbell. A stranger comes in the house]

  • Annabelle, Kyle, Lucy, Johnny, Raven: Trick or treat!
  • Guy: Look, I do not want a teenager in my house so I brought you guys some candy. [he grabs a couple of candy bars and put them in their bags]
  • Annabelle: Thank you so much.
  • Guy: Happy Halloween! [closes door]
  • Johnny: Let's go to another house.

[Johnny walks away to go to another house]

  • Annabelle: Okay, then! Let's go! [as she leaves, leaves blow infront of her] What was that?
  • Lucy: I don't know. Probably, the wind.
  • Annabelle: It better not be that kind of ghost appearing with a white Victorian dress with white skin looking like she's "alive" but only she is see-through or something.
  • Lucy: Ghosts?
  • Annabelle: Yeah.
  • Kyle: It better be, bro. [gets close behind Annabelle] Boo!
  • Annabelle: [screams] Kyle! You scared me for the second time! But, enough with the pranks. Let's go!

[Annabelle knock on the door as a kind, young lady dressed in a medieval costume holding an orange candy bowl opens the door]

  • Raven, Johnny, Lucy, Annabelle and Kyle: Trick or treat!
  • Woman: Oh my! It's the witches, a knight, Danny Phantom, and a vampire! I should give you candy.
  • Johnny: [walks between the group] Holy fizz! A medieval lady! Give me candy!
  • Woman: [gives them candy] And also, Happy Halloween!
  • Lucy: You're awesome, Mordecai!
  • Raven: Thank you so much.

[scene cuts to Erota, Gweneth and Paige who are in their costumes. Erota is wearing her Wednesday Addams costume, Gweneth is a vampiress and Paige is a ghost]

  • Paige: Whooooooooooo! I am a ghost! Whoooooooo!

[the girls giggle as the wind blows]

  • Gweneth: What was that?
  • Erota: [shrugs] Eh, I don't know.
  • Paige: Girls, we're looking for Alex!
  • Gweneth: What? While we are going trick-or-treating, can't we stay up all late? It's about either 7 or 8.
  • Erota: Dudette, calm your cool. I think there's a ghost blowing the wind. [Mandy, who is dressed as a witch, runs in]
  • Mandy: Hey, girls. I didn't knew you were here.
  • Gweneth: We are looking for Alex, our brother.
  • Paige: Agreed. We can't find him. He's either at a party or trapped in a haunted house.
  • Mandy: A haunted house? That's the worst thing in history!
  • Erota: Listen, Mandy. [shows her a beheaded doll] I have a doll on my hand and a flashlight. We better have our flashlights. [shows her a pink trick-or-treat bag with the words "Trick or treat" on it]

[scene cuts to Benson and Jack checking the time on their watches]

  • Benson: Trick-or-treating might be fun but the teenagers and adults including us are too old to go!
  • Jack: Yeah. And Raven's taking the Sullivan siblings trick-or-treating. Teenagers these days.
  • Benson: Yeah, wait what? Who are those people? [he sees Wendy taking Mabel and Dipper to a Halloween party. Wendy dressed as Tinkerbell, Mabel was dressed as a vampire and Dipper was dressed as a magician]
  • Wendy: Happy Halloween, Benson! I'm taking the twins to go to a Halloween party even though they're a little too old to trick or treat!
  • Benson: Thank you, Wendy. You are good at taking the twins to a Halloween party.
  • Mabel: You are awesome! [high-fives Benson] Happy Halloween!
  • Benson: Happy Halloween to you, Mabel. Who wants some full size bars?

[Background Music: Fire - Kirby Air Ride]

  • Luan: [walks in] I do!
  • Clarence: [surprised face] I do!
  • Flapjack: Sugar rush! [runs into Jack as the kids dressed in various costumes run to Jack for candy]
  • Dipper, Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Clarence, Jeff, Sumo, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Clyde, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, Annabelle and Kyle: Trick or treat! [hold their candy bags]
  • Jack: Here you go! [gives the kids some candy]
  • Clarence: Thank you!

[Jack sees Chocolat dressed as a vampire queen and Vanilla dressed as a candy fairy]

  • Chocolat and Vanilla: Trick or treat!
  • Jack: How about some full-sized bars? [gives the two girls full-sized bars]
  • Chocolat: Woah! That sounds awesome!
  • Jack: Happy Halloween, kiddies!
  • Anais: That was awesome!
  • Darwin: I know! Let's go to another house!
  • Starfire: [dressed as a cat] Oh my! You see, Silkie? Jack's giving us some full-sized bars!
  • Jeff: [pops out of the box, wearing his jack-in-the-box costume] The full-size bars are mine! All mine! [raises bag in hand in the air] YEAH! [runs around]
  • Chelsea: [who was dressed as a ladybug, runs to Jeff with her wagon full of candy] Jack gave me some candy. Jeff, do you have a candy wagon?
  • Jeff: No, but I have a candy bag.
  • Johnny: This is the best Halloween ever! [hugs Starfire]
  • Starfire: I know, right?
  • Ronnie Anne: [looks in the bag, there are 2 tootsie rolls and a full-size bar] 2 tootsie rolls and a full size bar? Seriously?
  • Jack: [comes close to Ronnie Anne and touches her shoulder] You know, Ronnie Anne. You have only 2 tootsie rolls. It's Halloween and the kids are ready for some not only candy, but also full-size bars.
  • Ronnie Anne: [sighs] Whatever. Happy Halloween.

[Scene cuts to Emily, who was dressed as a princess and Taylor, who was dressed as a cat come over]

  • Emily and Taylor: Trick or treat!
  • Benson: Here you go! Have some full-sized bars!

[Benson gives out the kids full-size bars]

  • Emily: Thank you!
  • Benson: You are welcome!
  • Erota: Yay, candy!
  • Haley Long: I love candy!
  • Luan Loud: I like Tootsie Rolls!
  • Ashley Spinelli: [who is dressed as a witch] Luan, we have to get some full-size bars for free!

[scene cuts to Layla Hart, who is dressed as a witch, Laura Lacey, who is dressed as a vampire bride, Andrea Marano, who is dressed as a princess, Angie Richards, who is dressed as Elsa and Tiffy Pensworth,who is dressed as Starfire are going trick-or-treating]

  • Layla, Laura, Andrea, Angie and Tiffy: Trick or treat!
  • Neighbor: Oh my! What a wonderful Halloween costume! Here, I will grab you some candy!

[the neighbor gives Layla, Laura, Andrea, Angie and Tiffy some candy]

  • Angie: Thank you so much, kind neighbor sir!
  • Tiffy: Yeah, I agree with Angie!
  • Neighbor: Happy Haunting!

[as they walk in, Robin jumps out to scare them away]

  • Robin: [hisses] I am Count Robin!

[the girls run away screaming in fear]

  • Robin: Hey, it's just a trick!
  • Andrea: [stops running] What kind of trick?
  • Robin: I don't know. Probably scaring.
  • Layla: Scaring?
  • Robin: Yeah, scaring's a good trick.
  • Laura: We are going to meet Kyle, one of our classmates.
  • Robin: Why am I not trick-or-treating? I was ready for the Halloween party!
  • Andrea: Every teenager has to go to the Halloween party.

[scene cuts to a Halloween party where other fictional characters are dancing]

[scene cuts to Theresa, who was dressed as the Queen of Hearts dancing with Alison, who is dressed as Sailor Jupiter, Sam Manson, who is a vampire and Gwen Tennyson, who is a cheerleader]

  • Theresa: Party time! Whoot whoot!
  • Alison: Yeah!

[scene cuts to Terra and Starfire who are in different costumes]

  • Terra: I love your cat costume!

[Meanwhile, a scene cuts to Layla, Laura, Andrea, Angie and Tiffy are going to see Benson as they are going to get full sized bars]

  • Layla, Laura, Andrea, Angie and Tiffy: Trick or treat!
  • Benson: I like your costumes! Here is your full sized bars! [gives the girls full sized bars]
  • Layla: Thank you!

[as Layla, Laura, Andrea, Angie, Tiffy, Kyle, Kiki, Annabelle and Lucy go with Johnny and Alex, a shadow with a long dress with a veil is roams around the graveyard]

  • Andrea: Like, what was that?
  • Annabelle: I don't know. Probably a ghost.
  • Lucy: [cringes] Ghosts?
  • Andrea: Just shut up, Lucy and keep going. There are no such thing as ghosts.
  • Tiffy: Yeah right. Ghosts aren't real that's because they are dead people.
  • Kiki: Dead people?
  • Layla: Heck yeah. You know, ghosts are dead people who rattle chains and moan. I saw a little ghost girl once.
  • Lucy Loud: (dressed as a ghost) Ghosts aren't real.

[the girls scream]

  • Tiffy: Lucy! You scared us!
  • Lucy Loud: I heard that there are ghosts in the graveyard. I have heard of an urban legend about it.
  • Kyle: Ehhhh.....

[wind blows again, thunder cracks as they went inside a haunted house with spooky decorations]

  • Kyle: Phew! We made it safe!
  • Laura: From that ghost, you know. Kyle, I'm yours. [hugs Kyle]

[Tiffy and Angie start to whimper and the door slammed closed and the other kids screamed in fear]

  • Annabelle: Awww, don't be afraid guys. It's only a trick.
  • Layla: What if there is a ghost in the house?
  • Angie: Yeah? And what if there are kids in costumes are trapped inside like lost souls?
  • Andrea: Is this some kind of joke or something?
  • Johnny: Probably. We can't go to the Halloween party when we are trapped in a haunted house!
  • Alex: Indeed. How can my sisters wanted to go trick-or-treating when I'm too old.

[Emily, Taylor, Robyn, Gweneth, Erota, Ruby, Minnie and the other kids are coming over to trick-or-treat but they knocked on the door as Annabelle opened the door]

  • Annabelle: Yes?

[the other kids look very frightened]

  • Ruby: Have you seen Paige Shatrov, one of Alex's sisters? Alex is a boy and Paige is a girl. Paige looked like she was lost and lonely. And Argent, well, she's with Paige now. Erota and Gweneth are girls so they are her sisters.
  • Erota: Yeah. We are very frightened on how we look. We are scared that Paige is gone and she was missing. It is revealed that she never died. She was a ghost.

[the girls scream loudly]

  • Robyn: [lamenting] We can't go trick-or-treating until midnight! We got Paige!

[an unseen ghost roams around the streets]

  • Emily: Can we come in?
  • Annabelle: Why sure.
  • Taylor: Thank you.

[they all go into the spooky old Phantom Manor-esque house]

[Kiki starts to lament through tears]

  • Gweneth: We are all trapped here! Is this a haunted attraction or something?
  • Ruby: [scared] There is a g-g-g-ghost in that attraction. Is it real? Please tell me it's real! Please tell me it's real! Tell me about it! If the house is real! Tell me about it!

[the candlelights start flickering as the lights flicker and fade and the other pre-teens start screaming like cowards and running off. All of the girls, except for the boys, shriek, giving Kyle and Johnny a heart attack]

  • Kyle: Stop waking up the dead with your screaming!
  • Taylor: I see dead people.
  • Kiki: Me too...
  • Minnie: Yeah.

[Robyn, Ruby, Maverick, Minnie, Alma, Trevor, Dawn, Mason and Maggie end up lamenting]

  • Maggie: We are all scared of everything dark and spooky!
  • Minnie: Indeed!

[Cut to Serana being amused about the kids being trapped]

  • Serana: So kids love being scared in a haunted house, huh? I'll show them something scary. [grabs a spell book to summon the undead] Adduc mortuorum ad vitam reditus. [casts a spell and summons dark black beans at the gravestones, making the undead rise from their graves as Gumball, Darwin and Anais arrive]
  • Gumball: Aw yeah! Jack is handing out free full size bars!
  • Darwin: I know. Our parents chaperoned us for trick-or-treating.
  • Anais: I got three full-size bars, a lollipop, four Nerds boxes, three taffies and two bubblegum packets.
  • Gumball: I got a full size bar from Jack, too!
  • Darwin: Yeah! I have a full size bar, top! Hope it doesn’t have a razor blade in it!

[without warning, they see zombies walking towards them, groaning. Much to their horror, they scream and flee in terror, cut to the mansion]

  • Robyn: Maybe it’s a trick. [turns on the lights to reveal Beast Boy in a werewolf costume]
  • Beast Boy: Boo! [the kids scream as he laughs] Gotcha! You freaked when you saw me didn’t you? Well I have the whole gang here! [Enid is dressed like a witch and Radicles is a Frankenstein’s monster arrive] Happy Halloween!
  • Annabelle: Beast Boy, you scared us!
  • Beast Boy: I know Right? [a bat flies across the mansion as the others scream and a werewolf leaps out and the kids and teens scream as well]
  • Ruby: What was that?
  • Enid: I neither know or care... This is my mom. [a bat turns into Wilhamena, a vampire woman]
  • Wilhamena: Hello, kids!
  • Robyn, Ruby, Maverick, Minnie, Alma, Trevor, Dawn, Mason and Maggie: Trick or treat!
  • Wilhamena: Nice Costumes! Here! Have some candy and full-size bars! [gives the kids full size bars and candy]
  • Minnie: Candy!
  • Dawn: Full size bars!

Act II

[At the Halloween party, Lori, Leni and Luna are dancing]

  • Leni: Hey, are you Pink Diamond?
  • Lori: I'm Rose Quartz, and you?
  • Leni: Sailor Moon! The moon who is totes a sailor!

[Lori facepalms]

  • Chaz: Chaz-like costume, Luna.
  • Luna: Thanks, it's my '90s rock and roll outfit. It's my costume complete with platform sneakers.

[At the Haunted house, Raven appears and so does Lucy and Haiku appear behind the kids]

  • Raven, Lucy and Haiku: Boo.

[the kids scream, catching Lincoln's siblings (except Lori, Leni and Luna) attention and so does Lincoln's and Clyde's]

  • Lincoln: What was that?
  • Clyde: I don't know. Probably screaming from a haunted house attraction.

Act II


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