Raven's Magical Halloween with Anna, Kyle and Mordecai is a 2014 crossover Halloween direct-to-video film between Teen TitansCrossover Universe and Regular Show. It is announced to be a Crossover Universe Halloween special.


When Raven and the gang has to go trick-or-treating, Serana plans a scheme to turn to her undead army against the gang.


It's Halloween and Annabelle is picking out something to wear. She puts on a black, long dress and a witches' hat. When she was ready to go, Kyle scared her with a vampire costume he was wearing for Halloween. Jack says that they are ready to go trick-or-treating. Annabelle was depressed when she was too old to go with Kyle.

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  • It was aired on FamilyChoice October 27, 2016, on TotalTV October 19, 2018, on Canada October 23, 2018 and on UK October 30, 2020.
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