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Ratty III: Back to the Wilderness is a 1997 British-American traditional animated film produced by Walt Disney

Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures and Martin Gates Productions.



  • Richard Briers as Rat (Ratty), a Water Vole Who Lived in a Riverbank Whose a Friend of Mole (Moley).
  • Peter Davison as Mole (Moley), a Tired Mole Who Lived in Mole End Underground Whose a Friend of Rat (Ratty).
  • William Dennis Hunt as Badger (Replacing Paul Eddington)
  • Hugh Laurie as Toad
  • Tom Kenny as Christopher Dale
  • Rob Rackstraw as Robert Wood Johnson
  • Frank Welker as Dogs/Cats/Wolf/Birds/Swan/Homeless Cat/Monkeys/Snake
  • Alan Young as Billy Rabbit/Maned Wolf
  • Gary Martin as Otter
  • Andrew Stanton as Portly
  • Paul Winchell as Phil Dann
  • Rip Taylor as Albert McDeall
  • Matt Frewer as The Wayfarer, Matt Frewer also voiced Grandpa Vole
  • Jim Cummings as Richard Butler/Jock/Grandpa Mole
  • Ken Sansom as Little Richard/Crab-Eating Fox
  • Imelda Staunton as Mother Hare/The Parrot
  • Dave Foley as Richard/Toucan
  • Michael Bell as The Jaguar, a Main Villain 
  • Christopher Lloyd as Kerosene
  • Richard Tate as Henry Muck
  • Steve Bulen as Jeremy Johnson
  • Diz White as The Rabbit
  • Andrew Lawrence as The Brazilian Wildlife Guy


  • Richard Briers, Hugh Laurie and Peter Davison reprised their roles in film.
  • This is Grandpa Vole and Grandpa Mole‘s last appearance in the film before they died.
  • This is Third Film Installment of the Ratty film series.
  • This will be a same animation as The Adventures of Mole and the Ratty film series instead of the 1949 ones.


Ratty III: Back to the Wilderness/Transcript


  1. Wherever You Are (End Credits) - Vonda Shepard and Barry Coffing


  1. Opening
  2. The Wind in the Willows 
  3. The Tales of Ratty’s Friends
  4. The Village Isle
  5. Ratty, Moley and Mr. Toad Gets Lost in Brazil 
  6. The Animals
  7. The Fit of Snake
  8. Moley‘s Recovery 
  9. The New Life
  10. Flashbacks
  11. The Little Tree
  12. The Maned Wolf
  13. Toucan’s High Flying Adventures 
  14. The Flight of the Guide
  15. The Wildlife Photographer 
  16. The Breakdown
  17. The Jaguar Stalks!
  18. The Water
  19. The Rainforest Attack
  20. Final Battle
  21. Reunited
  22. Back to the Village
  23. Ending 


88 Minutes

Release Date

October 24, 1997


Tony Britten and Carl Johnson (Composer)

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