Rarity: Canvas Curse is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS. After destroying the army from Metal Gear Rising: Rarivengeance, Rarity creates a magical paintbrush, then relaxes by turning herself back into a ball for the next whole week. A while later, a remnant of said army finds out where she lives (Ponyville), clones Drawcia, and has the clone turn Ponyville into a massive painting. Rarity is too used to being a ball to willingly unfurl until after the game, but that won't stop her from destroying the Drawcia clone and its army with her newly-crafted magical paintbrush. Destroying the clone will return Ponyville to normal.


Rarity controls the Magical Paintbrush with her own magic, represented by your stylus actions.

Draw Line: Rarity rolls across lines in the direction you draw them. Lines can also deflect enemy shots and cut through enemies. As a continuity nod to Rarivengeance, enemies defeated by cutting them will split in half, at which point you can drag their power cores over to Rarity to heal her. The core disappears when the enemy explodes.

Draw Loop: Rarity will roll faster to damage enemies. Has invincibility frames.

Draw Ramp: Makes Rarity jump.

Tap enemy: Stuns enemy. Hold the enemy to Force Choke him, then drag him to throw him.

Tap breakable block: Removes block.

Tap switch: Presses the switch.

Tap Rarity: Quick rolling attack.

Hold on Rarity -> release: Gem missile. Rarity throws an explosive gem that homes in on enemies.

Hold on Rarity -> drag forward: Gem cracker. Acts like Freeze Man's weapon from Mega Man 7. This gem projectile will split into six upon hitting an enemy or surface. Can also be aimed diagonally.

Hold on Rarity -> drag up: Cloth tornado. Rarity jumps high with a whip of cloth circling her. This hits enemies repeatedly and has invincibility frames.

Hold on Rarity -> drag down: Crystal ball form. Rarity turns herself into an invincible crystal ball and falls straight down, automatically rolling down slopes and destroying enemies she touches while rolling. When she reaches a flat surface, she can no longer move and must change back to Rariball (tap her as a crystal ball).

Start: Pause.

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