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"Let's break out of jail!"
―Jason in the movie

ROBLOX Jailbreak!: The Movie (commonly referred to as ROBLOX Jailbreak! or simply just Jailbreak!) is a 2026 American-animated film produced by DreamWorks and Universal. It is a fan-made spin-off film of ROBLOX: The Movie. Unlike the original, their will be a fanon voice cast. Anyone can voice a character!


Jason has lived in the Jailbreak! game for a very long time and has had enough. He invites his friends, Sarah, Marc, Cody, and Alex to embark on a quest to escape prison. Jason has been informed, however, that this is not an easy journey. He has to make it through the guards and the cops to try to break out of prison. Will he be able to get out of jail, or is it cuffs for him?




  • Superusers/Liamm Mundare as Jason, a prisoner in Jailbreak! who has been arrested for a very long time. He is the main protagonist.
  • Jadhostgamer072 as Marc, a prisoner who has also been arrested in Jailbreak! who is trying to plan on escaping with Jason. He is one of the supporting protagonists.
  • AlexImmortal420/Alex Sanders as Alex (EvilRyu252525), a prisoner who has been arrested by a bacon hair on Jailbreak! who not only plans to escape, but also plans to kill the bacon hair. He is one of the supporting protagonists.
  • RealPagong27Gaming  as Rock. A criminal who has been arrested for a bank robbery, one of the main characters. He also plans an escape with Jason, and rob stores together. He is a hacker and a criminal who has been arrested several times.
  • More TBA!

Box Office

This movie grossed $567,000,000 on a $101,000,000 budget. On its opening weekend, it grossed about $21,000,000.


More TBA!



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