ROBLOX is a animated cartoon that airs on Nickelodeon with the first episode released on June 6 2006 with a pilot on December 21 2004. The show is still running on Nickelodeon from this day with over 135 episodes released.


The plot of this long running cartoon is about a robloxian called Builderman lives in Robloxia with an episode mostly having an interesting problem.


The first Merchandise was released in December 14 2006 with making collectable figures and action figures also some play sets. The merchandise is huge of ROBLOX which some people say ROBLOX is still running just for cash grabbing merchandise like Pixar's 2011 Cars 2. Merchandise can still be found in many stores across the world with plushes even board games.


In 2010 it appears that ROBLOX was ripping of the game Minecraft when the game was a success. This got many questions about this and even caused a 3 month of episodes. On March of 2011 Nickelodeon said that ROBLOX has nothing to do with Minecraft as it aired in 2006 which was 4 years before 2010. This problem was solved.

Another one was in 2014 with eclipse warning in one of the 2014 episodes 'Just Hacked' as the episode is about someone hacking Robloxia so you would see why it contained the warning. Another problem was that the episode was to much of a forth wall breaker of the ROBLOX Online game. This was the first banned and so far the only banned episode of ROBLOX.


On 2013 a ROBLOX Movie was in Pre Production however the movie would be 55% nothing like the series as Shedletsky is the main character instead of Builderman. The movie is set to release in June 6 2017 with a sequel The ROBLOX Movie 2: Before Dawn is set to release July 5 2019.

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