ROBLOX: The city war movie is a 2023 3D CGI Animation action adventure movie by Dreamworks animation. This is a fan made spin off to ROBLOX: The movie. It will take place ten years after the events of ROBLOX: The movie.


Jack is a collage student in a small city called Robloxia. 1x1x1x1 arrives one day with his group of hacker friends. Jack realises he is the chosen one and that he should fight for robloxia. Jack joins the Roblox army (RA) and meets a friend called Olivia. Olivia is a tough girl.Jack and Olivia get out of the RA from there training to stop the hackers forever.

Realese date

19th July 2023 (US)

29th July 2023 (UK)

2nd August 2023 (CAN)

10th August 2023 (WORLDWIDE)

Age rating

Rated PG for mild violence and scenes that may frighten viewers under 7. The MPAA advise that 7 or unders should not go and see this in the cinema.

Box office

It grossed $800,240,558 in america. On it's opening weekend it grossed $25,000,000. Worldwide it grossed


critical sucsess

when this movie first came out it was widely apreciated with roblox and non roblox fans.Its has a 87% on rotton tomatoes and a 6.9\10 on IMDB. When it came out for test audiences in January they wanted to see it again! On metacritic this movie has got a 89. It got nomimnated for 2 acadamy awards. 1 it did win.

Best film of 2023: NOMINATED

Best kids film of 2023. WON

This movie stayed in cinemas for 7 months! Everyday this film would have at least 10 people in the seats.

Budget and Production

it's budget was $21,000,000 and production of the film was quite hectic.people could not make it look to like it was a $21,000,000 movie.It Apparenty looked like it was make for $3,000,000. It took the production team 2 years and a half to complete the 2 hour 54 minute movie.

production team

directed by J.G Blade produced by Dylan Twell

Cast: Carly Scran as Olivia Jacob Lee as Jack

Company (ies) Dreamworks animation

Extra Info

it is getting a sequel called The Roblox Redemption

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