ROBLOX: The Telltale Series is an upcoming 5 episodic game created by Telltale Games, and associated with ROBLOX Corporation. It has been announced in June 2017, and it is confirmed to be available for PlayStation 4, 3, and Vita, Xbox One and 360, Windows 8, and 10, Macs, IOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch), Samsung Phones, and Androids. This will also be based on ROBLOX. The player even has choices to make on each episode.


Coming soon!


Episode 1

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Voice Cast

To be announced...

Episode Release Dates

  1. TBA - November 25th, 2019
  2. TBA - TBA
  3. TBA - TBA
  4. TBA - TBA
  5. TBA - TBA


  • Since Minecraft got its Telltale game and is making a movie, ROBLOX Corp. got so jealous so they contacted Telltale games to make their Telltale game! And has also contacted Universal Pictures, and DreamWorks Animation to make their movie!

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