This Idea talks about the TV Show that is a part of the franchise of ROBLOX: The Movie, For the other one on Nickelodeon, see ROBLOX: The Series. For the other one on Cartoon Time!, see ROBLOX: The Show (2018-2020)

ROBLOX: The TV Series is an upcoming 2020 American 3D CGI-animated series action/adventure comedy TV series produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and is gonna be shown on Netflix as a Netflix Original Show. It is a TV series based on ROBLOX: The Movie and is based on the popular video game, ROBLOX. It takes place after the first film, making it a sequel.

  • Some of the voice actors/actresses frim
  • the film will still play their role for the TV Show. Some returning actors may voice different people.


After the 1x1x1x1 battle, Jake and his friends decides to go on adventures together to stop even more evil around their world.


  • Oscar Issac as Jake - A teenager who is now the greatest hero who has ever lived, he is also the leader of Planet Builder.
  • Chris Evans as Melvin - A playful ROBLOXian who was always ready to have fun. He is also very smart with portals, and science! He is one Jake's best friends, and Jesse's Brother.
  • Jessica Chastain as Jesse - Melvin's Sister, and is always determined and ready for long journeys.
  • Ed Helms as Omar - A ROBLOXian born with Autism, but that doesn't mean he can go on adventures! He is always eager and ready to do so, he is Chad's little brother.
  • Mark Ruffalo as Chad - A ROBLOXian who loves to go outside and doing adventures, he is Omar's big brother.
  • Bill Hader as Sean - A ROBLOXian who is the big cousin of Chad and Omar and big brother of Laith. He was always ready to fight criminals, and villains.
  • Ben Schwartz as Laith - A ROBLOXian who is Sean's little brother and loves to be on Jake's side.
  • Ben Affleck as David Baszucki (formerly Builderman) - A god of the ROBLOX Universe and making sure everything is safe. He is also good friends with Jake Thomas : dosent talk and loves playing video games . The blue text tells hes talking.

List of Episodes

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