This is the first issue of R-Rated The Fantasy Aile.


The comicbook starts where Elfe and Lefe was chasing each other in the woods.

  • Elfe: Get back here, you crappy elf!
  • Lefe: I'm telling Stella you asshole! *runs away*

Meanwhile, Stella is watching YouTube and seeing a video about how to create better magic, then she went to a video about The Mystic Woods cheats.

  • Stella: *chuckles* I love The Mystic Woods.. Too bad I'm not in the universe.
  • Todd: Todd waves at you! How is your shitty life goin’?
  • Stella: Not that stupid Todd..
  • Todd: Hey? Who are you calling stupid?
  • Stella: Can you leave me alone?
  • Todd: Too bad! I’m staying right here with you! Because fans thinks we’re a good couple!
  • Stella: Are you serious?
  • Todd: Why not? Is it because i’m handsome?
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