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Quest for Camelot is an American computer-animated fantasy, adventure, musical film produced by the Warner Animation Group and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It is a CGI extended reimagined remake of the original film that premiered in 1998.

Kayley dreams of being one of the Knights of the Round Table; and she gets her chance when the fabled enchanted sword of Excalibur is lost. With the aid of her childhood friends, a young blind hermit, a young alchemist, an elven archer, a pair of goofy dragons, a dwarven miner, and a tough-as-nails bounty hunter embark on an epic quest to save King Arthur and Camelot from disaster at the hands of the rogue knight Ruber and an evil enchantress, Morgana le Fay.

The film stars the voices of Sofia Carson, Robbie Amell, Graham McTavish, Emily Blunt, Martin Short, Jack Black, Taron Egerton, Halston Sage, Jeremy Jordan, Chloe Bennett, Adam Croasdell, A. J. LoCascio, as well as Ewan McGregor, Alan Tudyk, Clancy Brown,

The run time is 108 minutes, 1hr, 58mins


Years ago, the lands of England were divided by war. The only hope for peace was the legendary sword, Excalibur. For it was foretold by the wizard Merlin that only the true king could free the sword from the stone and unite the people. Many have tried, all failed. until one day an unexpected hero stepped forth, a young boy named Arthur had removed Excalibur from the magical stone and was revealed to be the true king of England. With Excalibur by his side, Arthur united the people and ushered a new age of peace to all of England. Together, they had built the greatest kingdom on earth, Camelot. Arthur had turned his foes to allies and built a round table so that all were equal as the Knights of Camelot. Five years later, Arthur had then married to the love of his life, Guinevere as his queen.

Years later, a young girl Kayley desires to become a knight liker her father Sir Lionel as they are greeted by the other Knights who are summoned by Arthur for special day in Camelot. Before departing, Lionel's life long friend and fellow Knight, Pellinore has brought his wife, Elizabeth and son, Jayson to build their new neighboring home with Kayley and Julianna after their former was destroyed by bandit raids. Kayley and her mother Lady Juliana sees her father Sir Lionel ride off with the other Knights when he promises her a trip to the kingdom someday.

Along their three day journey to the kingdom, Lionel. Pellinore have met up with fellow knights, Dagonet, Tarik, Ulrich and Gallahad. The knights then arrive Camelot as they made their way through the city for a the meeting with Arthur, who . a dark-hearted greedy knight named Ruber becomes upset at his share of the land's divisions and attempts to take advantage of his rank by desiring riches, to which Arthur refuses to allow, wisely reminding Ruber that the knights' obligation is to the people, not to themselves. Ruber then tries to kill Arthur with a mace in order to usurp him. The knights attempt to repel Ruber's attack, but to no avail. Lionel, who was first to leap to Arthur's defense, is killed. Arthur defeats Ruber by beating him back with his sword, Excalibur. Ruber then takes Queen Guinevere hostage and attempts to kill her if Arthur doesn't surrenders the sword, but she was rescue by Arthur's dog Cavall. Ruber vows his return and vengeance that Excalibur and Camelot will be his someday as he flees in exile as the guards pursue him. The knights, Arthur and Guinevere attend to an unconscious Sir Lionel who found to be dead.

Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights return Sir Lionel's body back to his home to have a Funeral. Arthur then tells Kayley and Juliana that the gates of Camelot will always be open to them before he gives a eulogy to his knights and the villagers of Lionel. Despite her father's death, Kayley grows into a young woman ten years later, dreaming of her chance to prove herself and becoming a knight like her father, much to her mother's chagrin who believes it to be too dangerous for her. With the exception of her best friend Giselle who has a little faith in Kayley's dream.

In Camelot, Arthur plays with his son Soren now ten yrs

Elsewhere at the harbor, young woman named Ashe draped in a cloak has arrive at the port on boat after traveling from her home in the far east. She then walks into a tavern where she spots wanted poster of Ruber, reward of capture is 50 thousand gold which sparks her interest. Another cloaked individual asks for directions for Camelot.

That night at Camelot, Arthurs discuss the era of peace among the kingdom despite Lionel's death When a Manticore that breaks into the courtyard with Pellinore, Lancelot, Dagonet, Ulric and the others rushed to fend off with the beast. It breaks round table where Guinevere and Soren are corned by it while Arthurs rushes to the aid of his family, the Griffin then attacks and steals Excalibur, injuring Arthur as a result. The two beasts fly away from the castle with the guards knights pursuing them. The griffin and manticore were suddenly attacked by Merlin's silver winged falcon Ayden who makes the Griffin drop Excalibur in the forbidden wastelands. The horn from the main gate sounds that notifies the lands that Excalibur has been stolen, falling on the ears of Kayley, vowing to find the sword, but Juliana refuses to let her go after the sword, thinking over the loss of her husband and her daughter's safety. Helene felt the same for her son Jayson who had left to be trained as a strider but hasn't heard from him for a while.

Much later, the village and farm was attack by barbarians who are led by a red knight which was revealed to be Ruber and is accompanied by the witch, Morgana le Fay and bandit leader Ryker. blackmailed Juliana into helping him with his plan by threatening to kill her daughter Kayley and the children. During the ransacking of Lady Juliana's village, Ruber explains to her, Elizabeth and the villagers about his plan to take hold of the their wagons to hide his followers and gain him access while she sits upfront. Ruber than uses a potion given by Morgana and with aid of her dark sorcery, they then demonstrates it by using a chicken and axe, he pours a few drops of the potion in a pool, and throws a chicken and the axe into the steep, becoming Bladebeak. Then Ruber's henchmen line up to get themselves turned into ironmen, with Ryker being the first to change. Kayley is freed and Juliana quickly whispers her to go to Camelot and warn Arthur but she refuses to leave her and Helene behind. Juliana then tells her that Ruber will be in Camelot in three days. Helene knows that the bridge leads to the main road, she instructs Kayley that after crossing, she must set it on fire, which will force Ruber to take the longer way to ravel within five days. With his army transformed, Ruber announces their journey to Camelot.

Ruber and Morgana meet up with the returning Griffin and Manticore, not knowing that Kayley is overhearing their conversation, and soon learns from the Griffin that he lost Excalibur while Manticore noted that his role was to distract the knights. Griffin explains at he was attacked by a falcon which Morgana is very familiar with. He told them of the sword's whereabouts in the Forbidden forest. Kayley grabs her horse and sets out to the Forbidden Forest, Although Ruber and Morgana notices and sends two of his henchmen and Bladebeak chase after her while they ordered Griffin to lead them to Excalibur. Kayley then destroys the bridge to the main then sets of to the Forbidden Forest while being chased by Ruber's henchmen.

Kayley goes into the forest after her horse leaves, but Ruber's henchmen and Bladebeak go after her on foot after their boars were exhausted

Characters and Cast


  • Sofia Carson as Kayley: The main protagonist
    Kayley is a young farm girl who dreams of becoming a knight like her father Sir Lionel, a knight of the round table and Juliana.
  • Robbie Amell as Jayson: The main deuteragonist and love interest of Kayley.
    Jayson is the childhood friend of Kayley who wished to follow in his father, Sir Pellinore's footsteps as a knight of Camelot. Now helps Kayley in her quest to find Excalibur and save Camelot.
  • Martin Short and Jack Black as Devon & Cornwall: The tritagonists
    The tritagonists. A pair of dragons that are bound together for 500 years by two ancient mystical collars, which keeps them tethered to each other with an ethereal chain with six feet away in distance at all times and unable to fly or breath fire, thus making them outcasts among the other dragons. The cannot be removed unless they both work together. Devon is tall, slender who is sophisticated, posh and intellectually honorable with an English accent while Cornwall is sort and obese who is wisecracking, gruff and loyal with an American accent.
  • Taron Egerton as Garrett:
    A blind hermit and Jayson's best friend who used to be a stable boy in Camelot until he lost his sight by the horse.
  • Halston Sage as Beatrice
    Beatrice is Kayley's best friend
  • Jeremy Jordan as Cid:
    A young alchemist and Jayson's best friend who loves to practicing magic and dreams of becoming a wizard's apprentice.
  • A. J. Locascio as Erendyl:
    An Elven Archer who traveled far from his home land to seek an audience with King Arthur joins Kayley in her quest to find Excalibur and save Camelot.
  • Chloe Bennett as Ashe:
    A young traveling bounty hunter from the fair east who later joins. She originally came to Britain to travel the world until she saw the bounty of Ruber.
  • Alan Tudyk as the Griffin:
    Originally Another of Ruber's pets, Ruber had his Griffon to steal Excalibur while Manticore distracted the knights and castle guards. While delivering the sword to Ruber, he and Manticore were attacked by merlin's falcon Ayden, then he dropped the sword in the wastelands, and Ruber angrily abuses the Griffin after learning of this. After being abandoned by Ruber in the caverns, the Griffin reforms after being freed from the rubble by Ashe to be his new master.
  • Adam Croasdell as Magni:
    A Dwarven Warrior and Miner who joins the party to save Camelot. Kayley and her party
  • Frank Welker as Aiden:
    Merlin's pet silver-winged falcon and the guide to find Excalibur.
    • Frank also voices Cavall, a dog owned by Arthur.


  • Kate Beckinsale as Juliana:
    Kayley's widowed mother and wife of Sir Lionel.
  • Hugh Jackman as Sir Lionel:
    The father of Kaley's father and a well-known honorable Knight of the Round Table who gave his life to protect Arthur when Ruber attempted to murder him.
  • Ewan McGregor as King Arthur:
    The King of England and the ruler of the kingdom of Camelot.
  • Maria Bello as Queen "Gwen" Guinevere
    The Queen of England and the beautiful wife of Arthur.
  • Ian McKellen as Merlin
    A wizard who is Arthur's trusted mentor and court advisor in Camelot.
  • TBA as Prince Soren, Soren is the young prince of Camelot and the 9yr old son of Arthur who their heir to the throne. Soren was born the day before the death of Sir Lionel.
  • Rupert Penry-Jones as Pellinore, a Knight of the Round Table and the longtime best friend of Sir Lionel.
  • Channing Tantum as Lancelot, a Knight of the Round Table. Lance is most the charming, confident and laid back of the knights of Camelot and is shown to be a showoff and ladies' man.
  • Jim Cummings as Galahad, a Knight of the Round Table.
  • John DiMaggio as Dagonet, a Knight of the Round Table.
  • Ike Ahmadi as Tarik, a Knight of the Round Table hailing from the Maghreb.
  • Darin de Paul as Ulrich, a knight of the Round Table hailing from Germany.
  • Alice Parkinson as Elizabeth, the mother of Jayson, wife of Sir Pellinore and the longtime best friend of Juliana.
  • Jaleel White as Bladebeak
    Originally a slim rooster that lived on Kayley's farm when he was used a test subject by Ruber for Morgana's dark potion that gave him a axe-like beak and the ability to talk.
  • James Monroe Iglehart as Darius
  • Chris Metzen as Roarek:
    A large apex dragon that is the king of all dragons of England.
  • TBA as Sylfina: The Queen of Dragons
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Abadon
    A disgruntled red dragon that tends to bully Devon and Cornwall with his friends Slythe, Dorbick and Khana.
  • Steve Zahn as J'bora:
    A slime pale green wyvern that acts as Abadon's sidekick that is member of J'bora's pack.
  • Fred Tatasciore as Dorbick
    A heavyset Dragon that was kill
  • TBA as Cynda: A female dragon who was killed off screen by Ruber and his henchmen
  • J.B. Blanc as Brenat: A dwarf foremen
  • TBA as Thomir: A dwarf miner
  • TBA as Drilin: A dwarf miner
  • TBA as Javard: A dwarf miner
  • TBA as ???


  • Graham McTavish as Lord Ruber: The main antagonist.
    Ruber is a traitorous and insane dark knight who seeks to take Excalibur to rule Camelot. Ruber was once a trusted knight of King Arthur and a member of the Knights of the Round Table. However, following the ten-year rule of peace and justice in Camelot, he grew obsessed with power. During a meeting, he attempts to take advantage of his rank, demanding riches which Arthur refuses to allow. After his failed attempt to kill Arthur and claim the sword, Ruber flees Camelot in exile and was placed a bounty for his capture. Following his fifth year, Ruber had later met Morgana le Fay, who also shares the same hatred for Arthur and together they formed an alliance to rule Camelot together and gathered legions of bandits lead by Ryker and barbaric warriors to support their cause to take over Camelot. As his fifth year passed by, Ruber and Morgana formulated a plan which involves stealing Excalibur and using wagons to infiltrate the inner walls of the kingdom.
  • Emily Blunt as Morgana le Fay: The secondary main antagonist. Morgana is a former student and apprentice of Merlin and half-sister of Arthur. Morgana was the finest student ever to be tutored by Merlin for five years until she betrayed him and all of Camelot by turning to dark magic but was both overpowered and defeated by the combined efforts of Arthur, Merlin and Sir Lionel. Morgana was then banished from Camelot by Merlin just after she swore vengeance that one day she would return. For fifteen years, Morgana had been mastering dark sorcery in exile, becoming more powerful than Merlin himself. She had met and consulted with Ruber.
  • Jason Simpson as the Manticore: Ruber's favored Pet, enforcer and the secondary antagonist.
    The Manticore is a ferocious, dangerous and formidable mythological beast conjured by Morgana and is competent than the Griffin. He depicts of having a head and body of a lion w/h black fur and greyish underside, a dark red mane which reached to his lower chest, and reddish orange eyes. He has retractable winged appendages on his back and the tail of a scorpion tipped with a barbed regenerative stinger. His role was to keep the knights and castle guards occupied at the courtyard while the Griffin steals Excalibur.
  • Clancy Brown as Ryker: The quandary antagonist.
    Ryker is a ruthless bandit king who joined Ruber to rule Camelot leads thieving barbarians with Ruber as his second in command. He was then transformed into an iron warrior by Morgana's potion mixed with her sorcery that gave him wrist-mounted retractable blades on each arm.
  • Ruber's Army: The tertiary antagonists. An army that consists of various Barbarians and Bandits that were recruited by Ruber and Morgana to take over Camelot. They were transformed with Margana's dark potion and various weapons to mutate them stronger into grey metallic monsters with with black accessories and glowing green eyes.
    Their voices are provided by Nolan North, Steven Blum, John DiMaggio, Jeff Bennett, Kevin Michael Richardson, Ray Chase, Fred Tatasciore, Patrick Seitz, Jess Harnell and Brooks McBeth.
    • Big: As mutants, they have sharp claws. Another big minion has spiked morning stars with small fingers. Another big minion has bladed shields on each arm.
    • Slim: As mutants, they are seen with maces as replacements for their arms and a small hair on their heads and chin. Another slim minion has a spiked head with a sharp blade on one arm and the other has three sharp knives like fingers. Another one shows having wrist-mounted repeater crossbows on both arms a cone-shaped head.
    • Short: As mutants, they have sharp axe blades with three fingers and the crested head looks like an axe-like mohawk. Another one has a spiked head and sharp claws. Both of these shorter minions joined Ruber to find Excalibur.


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Differences between the remake and the original

  • The film centers on nine heroes that consists of Kayley, Jayson, Garrett, Devon & Cornwall, Erendyl, Cid, Giselle, Ashe and Magni guided by the falcon Ayden
  • Morgana le Fay is featured as the secondary main antagonist in the remake version of the film.
  • Camelot is much bigger with two sections of the kingdom; the city and market place (center) the castle keep. While the inner circle has the courtyard and castle keep where Arthur reside. The moat surrounds the city
  • Garrett is reimagined has a handsome youth while his friend takes his role as a blind hermit.
  • Devon and Cornwall are reimagined as two separate dragons that wear mystical collars that kept them tethered for years.
  • Ruber has two evil creatures as his pets/enforcers; a Griffin and a Manticore.
  • Ruber's minions have new physical designs that have been fused with war scythes, hand cannons, bladed shields, glaives, and war hammers.
  • The races featured in the film are Humans, Wizards, Elves, and Dwarves.
  • The creatures featured in the film are Dragons, Griffon, Manticore, Dune Lurkers and Golem.




  • Jaleel White is reprise his role as Bladebeak from the original film.
  • Morgana le Fay's physical appearance is loosley based on her version of Batman the Brave and the Bold from the episode Day of the Dark Night.
  • The run time of the film is extended to 1hr 52m