Kayley is a farm girl who lives with her mother after her father, Lionel  was killed by an evil knight by Ruber. Now Ruber has taken Juliana on hostage and the sword Excailbur has stolen at the Forbidden Forest and now she needs to find the sword. Along the way, she meets a hermit named Garrett, a silver falcon named Ayden and a magical headed dragon named Devon and Cornwall and they have to team up to find the sword and to save Camelot and her mother.


Emma Watson as Kayley

Daniel Radcliffe as Garrett

Nicholas Cage as Ruber

Nathan Lane as Devon (voice)

Steve Martin as Cornwall (voice)

Kate Winslet as Juilana

Russell Crowe as King Arthur

Hank Azaria as Griffin (voice)

Seth MacFarlane as Bladebeak (voice)

Michael Gambon as Merlin

Hugh Jackman as Lionel (voice)

Frank Welker as Ayden (voice)




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