Puzzle and Dragons: Disney Edition is a video game project from Walt Disney Interactive Studios and Gungho Co.

It is basically a puzzle RPG game for iOS, Android, Nintendo 3ds,

and New Nintendo 3ds.


The game follows gameplay similar to the Puzzle and Dragons series. Players command a party of six through dungeons based around the Disney Animated Canon fighting off enemies and treasures and facing off with a Disney themed boss monster. The iOS and Android versions are about the same as any other puzzle rpg's but the 3ds version are different and contain a story where the characters explore the Disneyverse. Each party member and monster represent one or two of five elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Darkness. Each element has its own color Fire is orangish red, Water is blue, Wood is pure green, Light is goldish yellow, and Darkness is purple.


You play as a Dragon Tamer who goes on a quest to save Princess Aria from Dark Lord Odin and save the world from the Grave Eclipse.


Player, Valto/Valta- you can choose whether its a boy or a girl and customize them to your liking. He/She plays a big role as the Guardian of the Sun.

Haku Streak- your rival of the game. He serves as the Guardian of the Moon.

Professor Pepper- the professor that teaches you about Dragon Taming.

Princess Aria- a beautiful princess with long snow white hair, crystal blue eyes, and a strange connection with the sun and the moon.

Dark Lord Odin- the main antagonist who kidnapped Aria in order to form the Grave Eclipse.

The Knights of Ragnarok- Odin's five man army each representing the elements.

Gage- a hot blooded gladiator. He uses Fire.

Marco- a strategic wizard who is the brains of the knights. He uses Water.

Tsukikage- a wild forest ninja. He uses Wood.

Sorena- a native american style girl said to of been raised by animals. She uses Light.

El Diablo- a luchador who is the strongest of the knights. He uses Darkness.


Disney City

Agrabah (Aladdin)

The Pride Lands (the Lion King)

Arendelle (Frozen)

Olympus (Hercules)

The Middle Kingdom (Mulan)

Halloween Town (the Nightmare before Christmas)

Corona (Tangled)

Neverland (Peter Pan)

Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)

The Grid (Tron)

San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)

Game Central (Wreck-It-Ralph)

Kauai (Lilo and Stitch)

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