Puyo Puyo: Magical Story (known in Japan as Puyo Puyo Tales) is a Japanese fantasy comedy anime television series based on the Puyo Puyo video game franchise by SEGA. The series was first announced on February 4th, 2021 and produced by TMS Entertainment. It premiered in Japan on TV Asahi on July 20th, 2021. Cartoon Network will air the English dub in TBA 2022.


It follows Arle (with Carbuncle), Amitie and Ringo along with their friends as they go on adventures and they must save the day from the evil clutches of Satan (known as Dark Prince in the English dub) and Ecolo which they are trying to rule the world. Other episodes involving other characters do their quests or journeys as they try do the best things as they can possibly do.


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English Dub

An English dub was announced by SEGA of America and is set to premiere on Cartoon Network in TBA 2022, making CN's first anime acquired series since the Pokemon anime which concluded back in January 2017 (although Warner Bros. is still able to produce and make the Detective Pikachu film) and moved to Disney XD in the same year and is the second SEGA animated series on CN following Sonic Boom. The show is rated TV-Y7 or TV-Y7-FV depending on some episodes. HBO Max will also stream the series in late 2022.


  • There will be some episodes based on some character stories from 15th and 20th anniversary games, light novels, Drama CD scenarios, the radio drama and the Disc Station Puyo Puyo anime clips.
  • IRL Facts: Currently, there is no official word from SEGA or any Japanese family-orientated TV networks to announce a Puyo Puyo TV series as of now. The only time that the Puyo Puyo anime was shown on TV is the 5th episode of Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls titled Puyo + Puyo + Puyo + Puyo = 0 (ぷよ+ぷよ+ぷよ+ぷよ=0).


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