puppeteer 2: the rise of planet is a sequel to the 2013 video game puppeteer.


taking two months after the first game a short pixie like ice sorcerer and his minions appear and take control of the moon,the sun and earth and only kutaro and with the help of old friends and new ones,kutaro must face off these new threats of the solar system and save the galaxy from unspeakable doom.


  • kutaro the main protagonist of the first game returns to the moon to help save the solar system from ultimate destruction, unlike the first game kutaro retains his original head and has a health bar but he still retains calibrus and the power of the 4 champions.
  • pikirina the princess of the sun returns to help kutaro and wants face the wizard for turning her into her fairy form, like the first game the player can use pikirina to touch objects that let moonsparkle's and heads out but in the new game pikirina can glow and generate vasts amount of heat from her body to scare away creatures like bats or a swarm of wasps and she can light flammable material like candles and oil.
  • the moon goddess/ezma potts returns to her form as ezma potts and loses the dark moonstone to the wizard and the white moonstone which he cracked gave to each of his minions and the 12 generals from the first game.
  • yin-yang
  • little bear
  • captain gaff
  • Mr. pink
  • chronos tempus the elderly creator and scientist of the clock of time and the one who grabbed the clock hands for the clock to hide them from the moon bear king.
  • nebula oblongata
  • Cryos the ice wizard a pixie like wizard that is the ruler of pluto and all of its moons, he was thought to be the main villain of the game but was alluded by a greater evil. he is moody,protective, greedy, arrogant and villainous and has a little sister that looks like pixie pikirina but she has blue hair and ice and snow themed clothing with a scarf and a ponytail at the end of her hair and are covered by a hat.
  • general condor the secondary villain and after the final battle with kutaro, condor absorbed the black moonstone and became a monstrous aztec/mayan like version of himself making him the true main villain.
  • moon bear king
  • general dragon
  • general monkey
  • general eel
  • general crab
  • general tiger
  • general rat
  • general snake
  • general pig
  • general sheep
  • general bull
  • general horse
  • general dog
    • general robo-dog II after kutaro defeated general dog, monkey stole kutaro's moon stone shards to resurrect general dog to general robo-dog II. he is an advanced version of the original general robo-dog but with more attacks include an absorb mode which allows him to absorb metal to repair himself.
  • general rabbit
  • general rooster
  • general spider
  • general crocodile
  • general shark
  • general moth
  • general wolf
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