Punch-Out!! DX is an upcoming updated Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the Wii Punch-Out game, as well as containing the WiiWare prequel.


  • Some of the Glitches are fixed in the port.
  • You can create your own Custom Soundtrack.
  • There is an interactive Gallery to know more about the Punch-Out!! Universe, as well as it's fighters and stages.
  • You can switch from English to Foreign subtitles (ex. Filipino, Spanish, Japanese, Brazillian Portuguese, Italian, German, Mexican Spanish, Arabic, Korean) in the game, although it doesn't affect the Game's audio.
  • Some music from the classic Punch-Out!! games are featured.
  • In the Nintendo Switch version, Mario returns on his role as a referee from the NES version of Punch-Out!!.
  • There are more Playable Stages in the Game.


  • Training Ring
  • Boxing Ring
  • Classic Boxing Ring
  • New York Boxing Ring
  • Dream Fight Ring
  • Special Circuit Ring
  • DK Ring



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