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Puffy is a 2014 American-2D traditional computer-animated comedy action fantasy film based on the Battle for Dream Island (BFDI) series by Jacknjelify co-directed the film as an animation debut, produced the film, Rob Renzetti, Michael Huang and others, and who wrote the film Rob Minkoff, with Tara Strong, Eric Bauza, Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph, Mark Hamill, Rodger Bumpass, Bella Hudson, Sean Schemmel and Seth Green voicing the characters who set in Battle for Dream Island city

The plot focuses on a puffball-themed Jamie "Puffy" Puffball (Tara Strong) and her friend Fries (Jason Sudeikis) tall-fat friend Yellow "Eric Face" Face (Eric Bauza)


  • Tara Strong as Jamie Puffy
  • Eric Bauza as Yellow Face
    • Bauza also voices Four, the main protagonist of the film
  • Michael Huang as Fries
  • Seth Green as Puff Dad
  • Maya Rudolph as Puff Mom
  • Michael Huang as the same characters voiced (set to be in Puffy's Big Break)






Critical reception


This is rated PG, for rude humor and action/some violence, brief mild language and thematic elements


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