Pudge Meekway

Pudge 😩😩😩
Occupation: Prostitute
Voiced By: Tito from The Nutshack
Family: Dead.
Status: Ghost.
Cause of Death: Terminal lung cancer from 25 years of cigarette abuse.
Alias: Pudge
Date of Birth: November 2, 2018
Alignment: Evil
Abilites: Kamehameha.
Gender: Mixed.
Age: N/A
Inspiration: N/A
Nationality: Polar Bear Land/Tea Land
Race: Black.

Sex Life

Pudge Meekway is a supporting character from Pornhub, and a main protagonist from Dark Souls III. He is the best friend of Vordt of the Boreal Valley.

Role in the game

Pudge face

Pudge in Miracle At Camp Friendship.

Pudge is the main character of Dark Souls III. As players often boast a helmet, they never really notice it was their childhood friend. But, as the end of the game approaches, Pudge gets trapped in the dragon's dungeon! Will Pudge find his way out? You will want to find out too!


Pudge is a ruthless killer, with a thirst for blood.

Physical Appearance

haha fat


  • He is the minor character from Disney's Ace & Christi Series: The Red Rag Riddle.
  • He is the major character from Disney's Ace & Christi Series: Grandpa's Christmas Gift.
  • He has a best friend named, J. Michael Kindhart.
  • In the older version, Pudge is an 11-year old boy and has warm skin, black hair, and brown eyes.
  • Pudge's real name is Matthew Brown Meekway.
  • When Pudge was still young, his father died.
  • When Pudge's mother's husband passed away, she became a widow and she will take care of him.
  • According to this, Racer, Pudge, Reginald, and J. Michael are teenagers, and Ace, Christi, Sandy, Booker, Hapford, and Miriam are pre-teens.
  • Pudge will appear in 2015 Disney Junior Canada series, Ace & Christi Series.
  • He is a first tomboyish character while the second, being Susie Selfwill.
  • Pudge is similar to Racer, except, Pudge is stout/fat and Racer is thin.
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