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  • Aimee Teegarden as Nova Prescott, the class president who is determined to host a great prom.
  • Thomas McDonell as Jesse Richter, the school bad boy.
  • Cameron Monaghan as Corey Doyle, Lucas' best friend.
  • Yin Chang as Mei Kwan, Nova's super smart friend who is dating Justin.
  • Janelle Ortiz as Ali Gomez, Nova's other friend
  • Afam Okeke as Phillip
  • Nolan Sotillo as Lucas Arnaz, Corey's shy music loving best friend who harbors a deep crush on Simone
  • Danielle Campbell as Simone Daniels, plays guitar and piano and is Lucas' lab partner and his prom date.
  • Kylie Bunbury as Jordan Lundley, Tyler Barso's girlfriend who is extremely popular
  • DeVaughn Nixon as Tyler Barso, Jordan's lacrosse-playing, self-absorbed boyfriend.
  • Jared Kusnitz as Justin Wexler, Mei's steady, easy-going boyfriend.
  • Nicholas Braun as Lloyd Taylor, the shy, "invisible" kid at school who has trouble getting a date to prom
  • Joe Adler as Robert 'Rolo' Banus, Nova's absent-minded friend
  • Jonathan Keltz as Brandon, Nova's crush
  • Christine Elise McCarthy as Sandra Linsey
  • Raini Rodriguez as Tess, Lloyd's stepsister who tries to help her stepbrother in his hour of need: Prom
  • Aimee-Lynn Chadwick as Rachel, a goth girl.
  • Dean Norris as Frank Prescott, Nova's over-protective father: Prom
  • Faith Ford as Kitty Prescott
  • Robbie Tucker as Charlie Richter, Jesse's little brother
  • Jere Burns as Principal Dunnan
  • Allie Trimm as Betsy
  • Amy Pietz as Mrs. Doyle
  • Carlease Burke as Rhoda Wainwright
  • Blair Fowler as Leah
  • Madison Riley as Kristen
  • Rocco Nugent as Anton
  • Ivy Malone as Alice
  • Chloe Little as Janel Lundley
  • Kofi Siriboe as Max
  • Kristopher Higgins as Derek


While Prom is set in Michigan, filming took place in Los Angeles, California.



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