Young Scared Justin

The concept of his head young and scared

Professor Justin is a secondary protagonist of DogMan franchise.

About Him

Professor Justin - the best of the inventors, he's fond of the best gadgets of the next generation. He was really old because of mistrust with Professor Fox that his main goal is to be in first place of the "Inventors' Competition". He was born in the castle of Inpowers in late 40's. After when lost in the competition, he found Claire that her parents are gone, he raised and loved her, but he couldn't become stepfather for her, because Justin has to have friends. He met with Dr. Clipboard, who decided to give him a chance, when Claire grew up, he, along with her prepared their inventions in the "Inventors' Competition" to represent the people. He first saw Vincent O'Brian (DogMan) - one that wants to try their invention and the like, after that evening, he besides with Claire, why is she calling him dad, but Justin is her boyfriend.


Name: Professor Justin Gregory Dereksville

Birthday: January 17th

Birthplace: U.S.A.

Height: 6'3

Weight: 175 Ibs

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Occupation: Inventor, Professor

Likes: His Inventions, Gadgets, Computers, Science, Likes being himself as a professor, Studying with books and technology, Making new friends, his newest vinyl player that he invented, Professor Fox (formerly), DogMan, Claire

Dislikes: Dr. Clipboard, Getting picked on bullies, School pranks, Professor Fox

Info: He's a professor and an inventor of the Los Angeles Technological Institute who provided new inventions he made for the next generation, and wanted to win first place of the Inventors Competition. He's precisely smart loving character with a prefect intelligence quotient, and he's knows how to use tools for his inventions.

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