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after events of Magical Mystery Cure and Equestria Girls. to after the story to swap cutie mark ponies is fixing musicial number "A True, True Friend". to seen known as...must defeat of King K. Rool, With Donkey Kong with Princess Twilight - Defeat Super Nayzor. With Cole The Wings of Animaria & bring destroyer...Ransik & get defeater real defeater Dragontron with Frax.. call friend blue haired named Astronema. also Rock of Time Monsters is back from removal of Goldar already seen end in Season 2 MMPR to during plan time with Oysterizer and Invenusable Flytrap with Dramole. A Calling of MMPRFan2012 Green Ranger Returns Defeat Dramole to code episode as..."Return of An True Friend" by MLP. and the Defeat of K. Rool's greatest army of monsters. release the end in during Dec 6th.

Princess Twilight Sparkle with Wings of Animaria VS The Final Boss - Super Nayzor

Super Nayzor (by PRWF's Magical Mystery Cure)
release of the end of greatest monsters: Venomark, Severax, White Terrorsaurus, Snipster, Dramole, Invenusable Flytrap, Rojomon and Oysterizer

Various K. Rool's Monsters in the end of after event Mystery Cure with Princess Twilight


The Episode of Princess Twilight Sparkle with Cole Red Ranger Wings of Animaria by CartoonFan1994

Special End 1: Magical Mystery Cure

Special End 2: The Wings of Animaria

1. Frax's Fury

2. Dawn of Destiny

3. Fight Against Fate

4. Destiny Defeated

5. Traissic Triumph

6. Snip It, Snip it Good

7. Return of An Old Friend Part 1

8. Return of An Old Friend Part 2

9. Welcome to Venus Island

10. Until Sunset

11. An Oyster Stew

Note Time

Princess Twilight defeated as The Dragontron with Frax.