Princess Sorceryia
Princess Sorceryia
Homeworld Mondar
Species Mondarian
Likes Saving lives

Her friends

Dislikes Supervillains
Alpha Kids, let's go!

~ Princess Sorceryia

Princess Sorceryia is a young princess from another dimension and one of the main characters of Alpha Kids. She is also the team's leader.


Sorceryia and the rest of her people are Mondarians, a race of beings from another dimension known as Mondar.


Sorceryia is known to be very mature and serious, but is always a caring and mindful person.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mondarian Physiology -
    • Superhuman Strength -
    • Superhuman Durability -
    • Accelerated Healing -
    • Superhuman Speed -
    • Superhuman Endurance -
    • Superhuman Stamina -
    • Superhuman Reflexes -
    • Flight -
  • Magic -
    • Magic Attacks -
    • Telekinesis -
      • Motor-skill Manipulation -



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