Princess Sally Alicia Acorn is a Playable DLC Guest fighter in Tekken 7, hailing from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics Universe, as well as seen in Sonic SatAM television series made by DiC Entertainment for ABC in 1993-1994.


Princess Sally Alicia Acorn is a Princess of the Acorn Kingdom and one of the Protagonists of the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics series, as well as the Saturday Morning Sonic the Hedgehog Television Series back in 1993-1994. She is the leader of the Freedom Fighters, a group of rebellious Anthromophic Animals from the Knothole Village (for the former, it later got expanded into parts of Sonic's world until it's unfortunate cancellation in 2017 when SEGA later partenred up with IDW Publishing, luckily though the Modern parts of the story is able to finish the Shattered World Saga storyline) fighting against Eggman's Empire and afterwards, Naugus takes over as the main antagonist in the scrapped third Season (back in the 90s, the series got cancelled after the airing of The Doomsday Project in March 1994). However, the concept is later used in the Comics.


Hey Player #1 look for the Game is the one used as seen in Issue #252, she has brown fur with Strawberry Blonde Red Hair, a Blue sleeveless vest with a Black Tank Top, a pair of Black Skin tight Shorts with white rimming, white gloves with a pair of Blue Energy Blades (called Arm-Blades) and Blue Boots with Dark Blue Squares and White Lining.


As Sally uses her Ring-Blades, she would have a Unique Gameplay style as when compared to the rest of the Tekken 7 Roster, she would use her Energy Blades, akin how Wolverine uses his Claws for his fighting style in his Video Game Appearances, such as all of the Marvel vs. Capcom  titles he appears aside from the infamous sequel that came after Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the Marvel Ultimate Alliance  trilogy, as well as the X-Men  Bedeo Games such as X-Men: Children of the Atom and the X-Men: Mutant Academy  trilogy, with the latter two and the former first (sans MUA which is an Action RPG) are all fighting games that had the X-Men such as Storm, Cyclops, Psylocke, Gambit, Jubilee, Cable and such appear as well besides him in addition to his Old Man Logan form appearing in Marvel Heroes and Marvel's Contest of Champions Mobile. The same is said when Baraka is fighting against everyone else within the Mortal Kombat Universe. In addition to these aforementioned Fighters who use Claws as their Weapons when attacking, parts for her gameplay is a mixture of Terry Bogard from SNK's fighting games (some of her moves) while a few of her moves are original.

Fighting Style

Contrast to the Tekken fighters who are mostly Human, she is an Anthromophic Squirrel/Chipmunk Hybrid who fights with a unique Style (in this case, a Blade/Sword-based Weapon just like Yoshimitzu did). In addition, she also uses her Ring-Blades in her Fighting style, as seen in the Comics, akin to Wolverine uses his Claws while using his Fighting style (most of the time and Baraka also does that in the MK Universe too) when he appears in different forms of Marvel Comics media in addition to Talim using her Arm blades in her three appearances in the Soul Calibur series, though she can perform some punches and kicks.


Note: Some of the moves are exclusive to her Post-SGW Incarnation.

Move Name Button Inputs
Kick (Circle; PS4)
Punch (Square; PS4)
Ring-Blade Sonic Slash (Circle + Left, Up, Down and Right; PS4)
Ring-Blade Slash (Circle + Left; PS4)
Ring-Blade Slay (Circle + Left and Up; PS4)
Upper Ring-Blade Spin Slash (Down, Left, Up and Right + Cross and Circle; PS4)
Tri-Blagle Strike (Circle and Triangle + Up, Left and Right; PS4)
Ring-Blade Upper Slash (Circle + Up and Left; PS4)
Ring-Blade Down Slash (Circle + Down and Left; PS4)
Double Ring-Blade Slash (Cross and Circle + Down, Left and Right; PS4)
Spinning Ring-Blade Slash (Circle + Left, Down, Right and Up; PS4)
Charging Ring-Blade Slash (Left, Up and Right + Square, Triangle and Circle; PS4)
Speedy Ring-Blade Slash, Charge and Tackle (Left, Up, Right and Down + Square, Cross and Triangle)
Speedy Ring-Blade Slash (Circle + Left, Up and Right; PS4)
Ring-Blade Spin Dash  (Down and Right + Circle; PS4)
Uppercut (Square + Left and Up; PS4)
Uppercut Ring-Blade Slash (Square and Triangle + Left, Up and Right; PS4)
Karate Kick (Square + Right; PS4)
Haymaker (Circle + Up; PS4)
Ring-Blade Sling (Triangle + Right; PS4)
Ring-Blade Dance Slash (Triangle, Circle and Cross + Left and Right; PS4)
Ring-Blade Spin Slash (Down, Up and Right + Triangle and Circle; PS4)

Role in Tekken 7

During the events of the Game, but before the events of the Shattered World Saga, Sally and some of the Freedom Fighters, as well as some of Sonic's friends, had been displaced into the world of Tekken.  When Sally and her friends are into this World, they found out that two old Men are fighting each other for their family, so Kazuya can conquer it with his own image. Across the world, they met a variety of Fighters with different Nationalities and fighting styles, such as Karate, Boxing and Muay Thai.



Intro Win
"Trust Me, Sonic." "Nicole, I did it!!!"
"I shall lead them this time." "Great work."
"Make this one easy and give up."

"The Freedom Fighters will rise for Victory."


Intro Win
"I'm gonna fight for the Better." "My Father will be proud of Me for Fighting from the Eggman Empire."
"Let's Fight for Freedom." "My Work here is done, for my friends and family."
"I have a plan." "That's what I call a fantastic fight for Freedom."
"I'm ready when we're ready."


List of Them

  • Player 1: Her appearance in the Post-SGW Sonic Archie Comics.
  • Player 2: Her design as seen in the Pre-SGW Sonic Archie Comics, as well as seen in Sonic SatAM.
    • Pink Sally: Her Pink Furred Design as seen in her earlier appearances.
    • Blonde Sally:  Her Blonde-haired design as seen in some of her earlier Appearances.


  • Short Boots Design: Her short boots and pants design, as drawn by AwesomeBlossomPossum.
  • Drawloverlala: Her fanmade design from that DeviantArt artist.
  • Classic Post-SGW Sally:  Her fanmade Classic Post-SGW Sally design.

Theme Music

Her Theme Music of the Game, is Ignite Infinity from ​​​​​​Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity in English sung by Annette Marie Cortrill.


Castle Acorn

Castle Acorn in the inside at most of the time (although there are parts of the Stage at the outside), in which is based off the newer appearances in the Comics, appears as one of the stages that's included in her DLC package.

Knothole Forest

The forest part of Knowhole takes the fight place entirely in there.


  • Sally's Appearance in Tekken 7 marks the second time she appeared in a Video Game, the first being Sonic Pinball. However, this would be the first time she is playable in a Video Game if she became a Tekken 7 DLC Guest.
    • Similar to Strider Hiryu's appearances in the Marvel vs. Capcom titles, she hails from Literature, but she actually debuted in a TV series.
  • She is the first Playable Female Guest Character in the Tekken series.

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