Prime is an upcoming computer-animated live science-fiction adventure film based on the Transformers franchise and the third film in the Transformers Knightverse film series, based on Optimus Prime himself. It is an interquel to Bumblebee, explaining how Optimus Prime made his way off of Cybertron following the mass exodus of the Autobots, and the cosmic misadventures that ultimately lead him to Earth. It also focuses on glimpses into his past prior to the war of Cybertron, and how he and Megatron became enemies. It is directed by Joe Johnston and written by Christina Hodson.


Outnumbered against the Decepticons, a damaged Optimus Prime fights his way off of his doomed homeworld Cybertron, and the subsequent cosmic misadventures as he tries to make his way to Earth before the Decepticons do, and discovering a larger purpose to his own journey.


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