Primal Rage is an animated series based on the video game.


The show was focused on the asteroid who would not have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, the five Virtuous Beasts protected Urth from danger, threats, and harm. However, the evil Destructive Beasts planned to turn Urth to their personal place. The five gods must bring balance to Urth and stop the four evil gods.

Virtuous Beasts

  • Blizzard - God of Virtue.
  • Armadon - God of Life.
  • Sauron - God of Hunger.
  • Talon - God of Survival.
  • Slash Fang - God of the Hunt.

Destructive Beasts

  • Diablo - God of Destruction.
  • Chaos - God of Decay.
  • Vertigo - Goddess of Insanity.
  • Necrosan - God of Death.
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