Prima in a flower necklace of green leaves and vines

Prima wearing a green-vined flower necklace

A Vocaloid video game that features Zero-G Vocaloid Prima as the main protagonist, voiced by Sarah Brightman

Prima's recorded speeches

  1. "Hi, I'm Prima and I'm a Vocaloid who is an operatic soprano. Welcome to my dreamy concert!"
  2. "I have my original songs in this game and it's not just one, but there's plenty; so I'm about to start my concert. Choose any first song that you like."
  3. "Oh, that's a good choice; I'll start singing."
  4. "How was my first song?"
  5. "Ah, I see that you like it. Which song do you want me to sing next?"
  6. "OK, I'll have to go from the top."
  7. "Interesting answer~ I'll let you know what your choice is, OK?"
  8. "You can insert any cover song you may like so I can sing it. Besides, this is a concert video game and I can sing more than opera."
  9. "All right, I'm going to sing that chosen cover you've already inserted now."
  10. "That's very kind of you my dear; I'll give it a try."

Original songs

  • Ophelia & Rusalka by song1847
  • Sleeping Beauty by Project Overdoze
  • Favorite Lie by Kyttynz
  • Small Things by Patchio-P
  • Tears Fall Down
  • Forever by Vortex11316

Cover songs

  • Dead Boy's Poem by Nightwish
  • Lilium (full version)
  • O Mio Babbino Caro by Giacomo Puccini
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