Pretty Bitchin' is a Netflix animated adult comedy television series created by Scott M. Gimple.


While living in Mansfield, a fictitious suburb near Chicago, Illinois, college freshman going to a university school for the first time, only to be dealing with not just peer pressure, but also watching sex and violence, shoplifting, joyriding and adult angst. When she stumbles upon a sorority house called the Eta Theta Iota (ΗΘΙ), she discovers about the four houses: rival sorority house for popular girls, Rho Omicron Rho (ΡΟΡ), fraternity house for male frat boys of different walks of life, Alpha Beta Omega (ΑΒΩ), the sorority house for tomboys, rebels and punks, Gamma Zeta Sigma (ΓΖΥ) and the other fraternity house for nerds and geniuses, Epsilon Upsilon (ΕΥ).



  • Molly Berlini (voiced by Hynden Walch) - a nerdy college freshman who discovers peer pressure, sex and violence, shoplifting and joyriding. After being sexually abused by her uncle at age 11–who turns out to be a rapist, she is diagnosed with PTSD. Her roommate is Chris, whom they both lived at the Eta Theta Iota (ΗΘΙ) sorority house.
  • Christina "Chris" Pfeiffer (voiced by Willow Smith) - a cigarette-smoking African-American rebel who is the daughter of a vice principal, Janet and the roommate of Molly. She resides at the Eta Theta Iota (ΗΘΙ) sorority house. Esther always called her "Tina", which she hated. It is revealed that she and Molly are best friends since 7th grade.
  • Vivienne Wang (voiced by Lauren Tom) - a Chinese-American young adult who is much more of a stereotypical e-girl. She loves the color black, is a fan of Billie Eilish and is fascinated with chain chokers. She resides at the Eta Theta Iota (ΗΘΙ) sorority house.
  • Beverly Ayase (voiced by Anna Akana) - Japanese-American girl who is described as a "weeaboo". Not only that she loves anime, but she enjoys Pocky, j-pop and of course, k-pop (despite being of Japanese descent). She resides at the Eta Theta Iota (ΗΘΙ) sorority house.
  • Esther Sanchez (voiced by Cristina Vee) is an Hispanic-American VSCO girl who is girlier than her friends. Her catchphrases are: "sksksksksk", "And I oop!" and "save the turtles". She resides at the Eta Theta Iota (ΗΘΙ) sorority house.
  • Chuck Dillman (voiced by Zach Callison) - Molly's boyfriend. He resides at Alpha Beta Omega (ΑΒΩ), a fraternity house.
  • Janet Pfeiffer (voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith) - Chris' mother who works as a vice principal at the high school she and Chris used to go to until they both graduated.


  • James "Jim" Berlini (voiced by Rob Paulsen) - Molly's father.
  • Vanessa Berlini (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - Molly's mother.
  • The Pop Girls are a trio of girls who are part of a sorority house called the Rho Omicron Rho (ΡΟΡ) consisting of:
    • Priscilla Cooldridge (voiced by Amy Poehler) - the leader of the Pop Girls, a girl posse led by her. She is snooty, vain and can be described as the "Alpha Bitch" of all Pop Girls fame. She often calls Paisley out for doing stupid things. She hated the Alpha Beta Omega (ΑΒΩ) because it is filled with "obnoxious frat boys who smelt bad".
    • Odette Preston (voiced by Maya Rudolph) - the second-in-command of the Pop Girls. Alongside with Priscilla, she calls out Paisley for being idiotic and doing moronic things. She is mixed race, hence the fact that her mother is white and her father is black.
    • Paisley Lubbock (voiced by Tina Fey) - the ditzy dumb blonde of the Pop Girls. Priscilla and Odette describe her as "Karen Smith 2.0". She is very gawky, unintelligent and very stubborn. She can be described as a "retarded dumbass", but shows a soft side.
  • Jonathan "With Only One H" Elberker (voiced by Dan Mintz) - a quiet poet who dresses like a beatnik and wears sunglasses. He uses a bunch of 1950s slang and often says "daddy-o". He resides in the Alpha Beta Omega (ΑΒΩ) fraternity house.
  • Dustin and Justin Herchsel (voiced by Kenan Thompson) - a pair of identical twins. Dustin is the oldest twin who is cynical, intelligent and blunt. He is much more of a deadpan snarker who uses snarky comments "just for fun". Justin is the youngest twin who is spunky, level-headed, optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic. They reside in the Alpha Beta Omega (ΑΒΩ) fraternity house.
  • Leroy "Roy" Knightley (voiced by Patrick Warburton) - an athletic jock whom the Rho Omicron Rho (ΡΟΡ) find annoying. He is very loud, obnoxious and loves to party. He resides in the Alpha Beta Omega (ΑΒΩ) fraternity house.
  • Adam Stevens (voiced by Ian Jones-Quartey) - Roy's friend who is much more energetic than him. He enjoys basketball and hip hop and rap music. He resides in the Alpha Beta Omega (ΑΒΩ) fraternity house.
  • Franklin Benson (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) - a shy, dorky and nervous man who seemed to be dressed in a stereotypical nerd outfit consisting of a white, collared shirt with long sleeves and a pocket protector, red suspenders, khaki pants, and brown loafers. He resides in the Alpha Beta Omega (ΑΒΩ) fraternity house.
  • Bertha Klentz (voiced by Grey DeLisle) - a bespectacled friend of Molly and Chris' since the 7th grade. Back in the day, she used to wear braces when she was 12, but got them off when she was 15. Due to having braces, she gained a lisp. She first had glasses when she was 5 years old. She wore a neck brace after accidentally breaking her neck "for a reason". She now resides at the Eta Theta Iota (ΗΘΙ).
  • Ajay Craiginson - an Indian-American frat boy who loves to throw random parties and drink, usually going into odd situations.

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  • This show uses the same character designs as Fillmore!.
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