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Power Rider Talisman: Two Realms
Franchise H18 PRi (SPC)
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Intro: Power Rider Talisman: Two Realms/Theme Song
Adapted from: Mahou Tsukai PreCure! (plot)
Power Rider Talisman (setting and characters)
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rider Rey

Power Rider Rey (plot swap)

Power Rangers Beast Charge

Power Rangers Beast Charge (plot swap)

Power Rider Talisman: Two Realms is a plot swap for Power Rider Talisman.


Kai Chien, a soon-to-be student in junior high, witnesses an object fall from the sky one night during spring break. Excitedly exclaiming that it could be a witch, Kai sets off the next morning to search the park. At the park, Kai witnesses a girl soaring through the air on a broom. Excited and curious, Kai barrages the girl with questions. The young witch introduces herself as Faith and explains that she's come to the Muggles' world to search for certain objects. The two teens notice they have similar rings. Meanwhile, Batty, a companion of Cyrius, the Wizard of Darkness, appears in front of Kai and Faith! Batty demands that Faith hand over the Great Spell Crystal, which Faith herself had been looking for. To make things worse, Batty uses dark magic to create a monster known as a Curse! When their drivers have been activated, their rings shine a magical light over them and generate their SpellCrystals! The legendary Power Riders are born!


Power Riders

  • Kai Chien - A boy who is just about to enter his freshman year in high school. He's a strange, lovely, funny and energetic boy who is interested in many things. Now that he can transform into a Power Rider, Kai is given the opportunity to attend a "magic school". His goal is to study the magic he loves and to gain Faith's admiration. His alter ego is the legendary wizard, Power Rider Talisman, whose theme color is red.
  • Faith Spellcaster - A thirteen-year-old girl who attends a magic school. Although she is great at studying, her magic is very weak so she hopes to become a respectable witch in the future. Living together with Kai, her life becomes bright and a little more worrisome. While searching for the Great Crystal in the Muggles' world, she met Kai. Her alter ego is the legendary witch, Power Rider Arcane, whose theme color is blue.
  • Singa - TbA
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