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For Power Rider Talisman the Rider, see Kai Chien.

Power Rider Talisman
Franchise Hyperus18's Power Rider (Shared Powerverse)
Number 18 SPC (chronological)
3 SPC (production-wise)
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Intro: Power Rider Talisman/Theme Song
Adapted from: Mahou Tsukai PreCure
Kamen Rider Wizard
Ultraman R/B
Adapted into:
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rider Rey

Power Rider Rey (plot swap)

Power Rangers Beast Charge

Power Rangers Beast Charge (plot swap)

Power Rider Talisman is the first production-wise season and the 18th chronological season of the PRa-PRi shared continuity.


Upon the discovery of an ancient codex, to-be high schooler Kai Chien suddenly gains magical powers. He then enrolls in the local magic academy, in which he learns to become a Power Rider as the apprentice of Faith Spellcaster, known as Power Rider Arcane.

Together, Kai and Faith must stop an evil warlock named Cyrius from getting the Great Spell Crystal, with help from Singa, another magician in Faith’s class.


Power Riders

Series Canon

Designation Name Counterpart
Power Rider Talisman Kai Chien Cure Miracle
Power Rider Arcane Faith Spellcaster Cure Magical
Power Rider Singa Singa Cure Felice






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