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Power Rider Rey: Kingdom Come
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Intro: Power Rider Rey: Kingdom Come/Theme Song
Adapted from: Go! Princess PreCure (plot)
Power Rider Rey (characters and setting)
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Power Rider Draceus

Power Rider Draceus: Shattered Mirror

Power Rider Talisman

Power Rider Talisman: Two Realms


A long time ago, a young Prince Zariel met a strange boy called Kairen after being bullied by his classmates because of his dreams of ruling his nation. But then, according to the Fire Nation’s royal genealogy, he is the first-in-line to the throne, so Kairen gave Zariel a strange ornamental key, and Zariel promised that he will never give up his own dreams. A few years later, Zariel, now at the age of 14, attends Noble Academy, a boarding school for boys and girls. He still cherishes his royal dreams… and his royal heritage.

One day, he encounters Kairen again. He then tells Zariel that the Dys Darkians are up to no good again. With no choice, he gives Zariel a Royal Driver, making Zariel become Power Rider Rey.

Now, Zariel, joined by his friends and the Hope Kingdom’s regal authority, will fight in order to collect the Royal Keys required to open the Gate of Peace, and to protect the world from eternal war.


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