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Power Rider Rey
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Number 4
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Intro: Power Rider Rey/Theme Song
Adapted from: Go! Princess PreCure
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rider Talisman

Power Rider Talisman: Two Realms

Power Rangers Miracle Defenders

Power Rangers Miracle Defenders: TbD

Power Rider Rey is the 17th season of the H18 Shared Powerverse.


According to an ancient prophecy, the Knights of the Round Table (or at least their alternate reality doppelgangers) must come together to prevent the Dys Darkians from waging eternal war.


Power Riders

Designation Character
Power Rider Rey Zariel Rey
Power Rider Valor Brooke Ariella
Power Rider Valkyrie Marra Percival
Power Rider TbD Iris Yang
Power Rider TbD Tristan Hanson
Power Rider TbD Kaito Midoriya
Power Rider Noble Ethan Braveheart
Power Rider TbD Gareth Li
Power Rider TbD TbD
Power Rider TbD Kaylee Zhang
Power Rider Excalibur Arthur Pendragon

Dys Dark

Author's Notes

  • Royal Heritage: Yes. I did include that. How can one be part of a royal family without a royal marriage or birth?
  • Dream, Plan, Achieve: Just dreaming won't get you there. Your dreams have to be realistic if you want to achieve them!
  • All Riders are based on members of the Knights of the Round Table.

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