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Power Rider Rey
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Number 6
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Intro: Power Rider Rey/Theme Song
Adapted from: Go! Princess PreCure
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Author: Hyperus18
Collaborating Authors: N/A
Production Order
Power Rangers Legend Hunters

Power Rangers Legend Hunters: Legends Rewritten

Shared Powerverse Season 7

Power Rider Rey is the 6th season of the H18 Shared Powerverse.




Power Riders

Designation Character
Power Rider Rey Jamie Fang
Power Rider Aliʻi Keanu Mahelona
Power Rider Noble Sierra Jamison
Power Rider Eclipse Towa Akagi
Power Rider Nightfall


Dys Dark

Author's Notes

  • Royal Heritage: Yes. I did include that. How can one be part of a royal family without a royal marriage or birth?

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