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For Power Rider Draceus the Power Rider, see Jake Sun.

Power Rider Draceus
Franchise Hyperus18's Power Rider (Shared Powerverse Continuity)
Number 11
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First episode: Day of Draceus
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Intro: Power Rider Draceus/Theme Song
Adapted from: Happiness Charge PreCure
Kamen Rider Ryuki
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Author: Hyperus18
Collaborating Authors: StarryShimmer
Production Order
Power Rider X1
Power Rangers Abyss Legion

Power Rider Draceus is the 11th season of Hyperus18 & StarryShimmer's Shared Powerverse, based on Happiness Charge PreCure! and Kamen Rider Ryuki.


All around the world, Power Riders have been fighting against the invasion of the enemy known as Darkaites! Nia, the princess of Blue Sky Kingdom is, in fact, a Power Rider (Power Rider Aquila I), but unable to defeat the enemy alone, she has fallen behind the others and is in a quite a terrible situation. Then, on her quest to find her successor and that successor's partner, she meets Jake Sun (Power Rider Draceus) and Iris Daniels (Power Rider Aquila I), and form an alliance. Later in the story, they are joined by a few new Riders, they fight against the Dark Phantom Empire, defeat the Darkaites and collect all Advent Cards to fulfill their wish! With the mirror world from Kamen Rider Ryuki, a completely different Shared Powerverse story arc begins!


Power Riders

Power Rider Draceus Jake Sun
Power Rider Aquila NiaIris Daniels
Power Rider Leonis Antonio Santiago
Power Rider Spriggan TbD
Power Rider Zirago TbD
Power Rider TbD TbD
Power Rider TbD Brandon Hunter
Power Rider Anubis Will Ruesch
Power Rider Raix Isamu Hikawa
Power Rider TbD Mika Aino
Power Rider Drazeros PhantomTyler Cheng
Power Rider Kitsunea Sophie Ramirez
Power Rider Fenrir Reygan Ramirez
Power Rider Spiritus Zayne Freeman
Power Rider Elegantia Evelyn Amani
Power Rider Dreamcatcher Natalie Hayes
Power Rider Kanaloa Iokua Moya
Power Rider Pele Anela Moya
Power Rider Ganesh Mihir Patel
Power Rider Saraswati TbD
Power Rider Sobek Hassan Hadid
Power Rider Griffin TbD
Power Rider Blanc Sabrina Dumont
Italian Rider #1 TbD
Italian Rider #2 TbD
Power Rider Matador Alejandro Castellanos
Power Rider Firebird Anastasia Tchaikovsky
Power Rider Crux Caiden Westwood


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