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For Power Rider Draceus the Power Rider, see Zion (PRiD).

Power Rider Draceus
Franchise Hyperus18's Power Rider (Shared Powerverse Continuity)
Number 5 PRSC (production-wise)
16 PRSC (chronological)
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Intro: Power Rider Draceus/Theme Song
Adapted from: Happiness Charge PreCure
Kamen Rider Ryuki
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rider Slash

Power Rider Slash (plot swap)

Power Rider Rey

Power Rider Rey (plot swap)

Power Rider Draceus is the fifth production-wise season and the 11th chronological season of the PRa-PRi shared continuity.


Zion, former prince of the Blue Sky Kingdom, realizes that his kingdom has been overthrown and he must defeat the Dark Phantom Empire, but many people have tried to do so and failed. Now joined by Power Riders Leonis (Jacky Alexander) and Pegasix (Danica Kim), they will bring peace to the world.


Power Riders

Rider Name Counterpart
Power Rider Draceus Zion Cure Princess
Power Rider Leonis Jacky Alexander Cure Honey/Cure Lovely
Power Rider Pegasix Danica Kim Cure Lovely/Cure Honey
Power Rider Kitsunea Aylani Tran Cure Fortune
Power Rider Serigala Adam Tran Cure Tender
Power Rider Kanaloa Kiani Park Cure Wave
Power Rider Pele Anela Park Cure Sunset
Power Rider Elegantia Evelyn Amani BGPC Pink Cure
Power Rider Spiritus Zayne Freeman BGPC Blue Cure
Power Rider Dreamcatcher Natalie Hayes BGPC Yellow Cure
Power Rider Crux Cameron Westwood Cure Southern Cross
Power Rider Matador Alejandro Herrera Cure Matador
Power Rider Blanche Sabrina le Blanc Cure Earl
Power Rider Anubis TbA Cure Nile
Power Rider Griffin TbA Cure Continental
Power Rider Firebird Anastasia Tchaikovsky Cure Katyusha
Power Rider TbA TbA Cure Gonna
Power Rider TbA TbA Cure Pantaloni
Power Rider Ganesh TbA WNPC Green Cure
Power Rider Saraswati TbA WNPC Orange Cure
Kamen Rider Zhanhu TbA Unknown Red Cure

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