Power Rangers Rebellion
Genre Action/Adventure
Science Fiction
Created by Haim Saban
Based on Power Rangers
by Haim Saban
Shuki Levi
Shattered Grid
by Kyle Higgins
Ryan Parrott
Developed by Haim Saban
Nicole Dubuc
Kevin Burk
Chris "Doc" Wyatt
Voices of Jason Faunt
Cristina Vee
Yoshi Sudarso
Cherami Leigh
Chris Jai Alex
Jason David Frank
Composer(s) Noam Kaniel
Matt McGuire
Country of
United States
Judd "Chip" Lynn
Stephen Davis
Nicole Dubuc
Kevin Burk
Chris "Doc" Wyatt
Producer(s) Sally Campbell
Vincent Aniceto
SCG Power Rangers
Allspark Animation
Distributor Allpark/eOne
Original network TBA

Power Rangers Rebellion is an upcoming American animated television series, produced through SCG Power Rangers and Allspark Animation. It is based on the media franchise of the same name as well as, the Boom! Studios Power Rangers comic book Shattered Grid by Kyle Higgins and Ryan Parrott.


Set in present-day dystopian Angel Grove where almost every Power Rangers team has been wiped out, a small yet growing rebellion of Power Rangers consisting of Wesley "Wes" Collins aka Red Time Force Ranger, Sylvia Kwan cousin of Trini Kwan taking on the role as the Yellow Zeo Ranger from Tanya Sloan, Koda / Dino Charge Blue Ranger, Mina Morohoshi an SPD cadget who took on the mantle of SPD Pink Ranger and William "Will" Aston / Black Overdrive Ranger along with their allies must battle against former Power Ranger turned iron fisted ruler Tommy Oliver, now going by Lord Drakkon and other villains, later they'll discover that their not alone in this battle.

Voice Cast

Ranger Rebellion

The Command




Hasbro and SCG Power Rangers have been developing an animated version of Power Rangers set in the same universe as the live action series adapted from Shattered Grid with Saban, Shuki Levy, Ann Austen, and Bruce Kalish as consulting producers Stephen Davis will executive producing through Allspark, Nicole Dubuc (Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy), Kevin Burk and Chris "Doc" Wyatt (Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters) as executive producers.


Chip Lynn and all the writers from the all the previous seasons as well as Johnny Bosch also, from the animated shows produced and anime dubbed by Saban Entertainment will be involved with Andrew R. Robinson and Henry Gilroy as story editors.


Animation was originally gonna be provided from Digital eMation, Saban later confirmed that the series changed from a 2d series to a cel-shaded series using less framework, animation and special effects will be provided from Polygon Pictures in Japan and CGCG in Taiwan.


Walter Gatus and Augusto Barranco were hired as lead character designers the designs for the Power Ranger suit will remain, the veteran rangers will appear in the actors current ages, Vee and Leigh's characters will be feature 16-17 year old girls. Yuki Moriyama will handle Zord and Megazord designs the series will feature some of the megazords inactive or destroyed in the previous seasons.


Audio recording will take place at Studio City, California with some of the cast members from past shows along with voice actors, Jamie Simone will take on casting/voice director duties. The shows' voice cast will feature Jason Faunt reprising his role Wesley "Wes" Collins / Red Time Force Ranger, Cristina Vee as Sylvia Kwan / Yellow Zeo Ranger, Yoshi Sudarso reprising his role as Koda / Dino Charge Blue Ranger, Cherami Leigh as Mina Morrow / SPD Pink Ranger a character based on Michiru Kagemori from BNA: Brand New Animal and Sarada Uchiha from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Chris Jai Alex as William "Will" Aston / Black Overdrive Ranger with Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver / Lord Drakkon In addition, returning cast members will include Kyle Hebert as Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, Monica Louwerens as Ms. Angela Fairweather, Richard Steven Horvitz as Alpha 7, Wendee Lee as Scorpina 5, Ray Chase as Koragg, The Knight Wolf, Paul Schrier as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier, Jason Narvy as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch and Felix Ryan as Spike Skullovitch, voice actors from Mighty Morphin' all the way through Wild Force as well as, anime dubbed by SCG will play new characters.


Noam Kaniel composer of Samurai, Megaforce, Dino Charge, Ninja Steel and Beast Morphers and Matt McGuire will co-compose the series, Ron Wasserman co-composer of Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo and In Space and Levy as music producers. Music from all the past seasons will incorporated into the series.


The series was gonna air on Nickelodeon but was pulled out, the studio is currently searching for a (US) network to air it on.

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