Power Rangers Rail Rescue Force is the 2021 season of Power Rangers. It is Based off of Ressha Sentai ToQger, which was originally skipped over.


Kyle Smith /Rail Rescue 1- A 19-year-old boy who is the leader of the team. He is also a great cook and even leads the team to the toughest odds.

John Handerson /Rail Rescue 2 - A reliable 19-year-old boy that get easily nervous, but always tells the truth.

Amy Knight/Rail Rescue 3 - A strong 19-year-old girl who rather help than to stand by.

Paul Goodman/Rail Rescue 4 - A super smart 19-year-old boy who can solve the toughest mysteries.

Cordelia "Cory" Booker/Rail Rescue 5 - An easily scared 19-year-old girl who can overcome her fears by chanting "I think I can!"

Todd Kimura - A 19-year-old boy who was kidnapped ten years ago and then brainwashed by the Darkus Army.

Thomas Conductor - A 38-year-old man who is the mentor to the team.

Dark Master Darkus - the leader of the Darkus Army. Unlike his counterpart, Darkus makes his debut in the first episode and has no interest in sparkling things.

Madame Naughtrass - wife of Darkus.

Naughtrass Jr. - the daughter of Darkus and Madame Naughtrass.

General Shortlife - The one responsible for Todd's disappearance ten years ago. He wants to steal the Trainzords to make the Darkus Army strong enough to take over the Universe.

General Longnose - A reliable general of the Darkus Army who constantly complains about Darkus having a massive ego.

Dr. Darkmatter - A mad scientist who works for the Darkus Army. He hates having his inventions mocked and the one who suggests that they don't retry to take over a town that already had a monster with failed attempt to take over.

Ferret - A talking ferret who gets embarrassed about losing to a monster. He held onto the Shield and Car Carrier Trainzords due to fearing that they too will get lost.

T.Q.G. - The A.I. that announces the designation.


  • Super Train Megazord
    • Odysesy Megazord/Odysesy Base
      • Red Trainzord
      • Blue Trainzord
      • Yellow Trainzord
      • Green Trainzord
      • Pink Trainzord
    • Train Megazord
      • Diesel Trainzord
      • Car Carrier Trainzord
      • Tank Trainzord
  • Shield Trainzord
  • Fire Trainzord
  • Police Trainzord
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