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Power Rangers Quantum Guardians: Worlds Apart
Franchise Hyperus18's Shared Powerverse
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Intro: Power Rangers Quantum Guardians: Worlds Apart/Theme Song
Adapted from: HUGtto! PreCure (plot)
Power Rangers Quantum Guardians (characters and setting)
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Shared Powerverse Season 19
Shared Powerverse Season 21


Lance Jamison is a freshman at J. C. Dayton High School who aims to become a popular kid, and Rex Wang, his friend, aims to be a king. When Rex realizes he is late for his first day of school, he goes to school unorganized!

However, there’s a nice turn of events when he meets Destiny and Temporus, who had fallen from a portal from an alternate dimension.* But suddenly, the Chrono Jackers appear in hopes of creating a scary monster to attack them!

With the strong desire to protect Destiny and time itself, 5 new Quantum Drive Morphers and 5 blank Herowatches appear and transform Rex, Lance, Ray, Zach and Isabella into the Quantum Guardians Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Rangers. The Temporal Crystals are a crystallized form of the legacy and powers of Power Rangers and Power Riders, and every Rangewatch, Ridewatch, Mirangewatch and Miridewatch is powered by one.

The story of the Quantum Guardian Rangers is about to begin!


Quantum Guardian Rangers

Main article: Quantum Guardian Rangers
Designation Character
Quantum Guardians Red Ranger Rex Wang
Quantum Guardians Orange Ranger Chelsea Marsden
Quantum Guardians Amber Ranger Amber Ridgemount
Quantum Guardians Yellow Ranger Lance Jamison
Quantum Guardians Green Ranger Ray Sanchez
Quantum Guardians Turquoise Ranger Niall Chiang
Quantum Guardians Cyan Ranger Ciel Reeves
Quantum Guardians Blue Ranger Zachary Briggs
Quantum Guardians Indigo Ranger Nora Ashford
Quantum Guardians Violet Ranger Makani Mahelona
Quantum Guardians Pink Ranger Isabella Sakurada
Quantum Guardians Crimson Ranger Garth Anderson
Quantum Guardians Navy Ranger Xander


  • In this plot swap, the Rangers retain their main series colors, which are not the same colors as their PreCure counterparts. H18, the creator of the series, revealed that he did this to preserve the classic Red Ranger leadership.


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