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Power Rangers Quantum Guardians
Franchise Hyperus18's Power Rangers (Shared Powerverse Continuity)
Number 20 PSC (Chronological)
1 PSC (Production-wise)
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First episode: TbA
Last episode: TbA
Intro: Power Rangers Quantum Guardians/Theme Song
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rangers Beast Charge

Power Rangers Beast Charge (plot swap)

Power Rangers Astral Knights

Power Rangers Astral Knights (plot swap)

Power Rangers Quantum Guardians is the first production-wise season and the 20th chronological season of the H18 Shared Powerverse Continuity.



Power Rangers

Main article: Quantum Guardian Rangers
Designation Character Counterpart
Quantum Guardians Red Ranger Lance Jamison Cure Yell
Quantum Guardians Blue Ranger Zachary Briggs Cure Etoile
Quantum Guardians Pink Ranger Joyce Lin Cure Ange
Quantum Guardians Yellow Ranger Piper Sparrow Cure Macherie
Quantum Guardians Green Ranger Niall Park Cure Amour
Quantum Guardians Gold Ranger Eric Venegas Cure Infini
Quantum Guardians White Ranger Destiny Cure Tomorrow


Veteran Power Heroes


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