Power Rangers Patrol Force VS Phantom Force is the 2022 Power Rangers series using Footage,Props And suits from Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger


Andy Fitzgerald is a Normal Teenage Boy who wants to protect people. So he is recruited into a team of Warriors known as Power Rangers Patrol Force. But There’s also Power Rangers Phantom Force who steal to meet their gains. And there’s also aliens at the same time!


Patrol Force

Andy Fitzgerald/Red Patrol Ranger

Kyle Johnson/Green Patrol Ranger

Violet Carson/Pink Patrol Ranger

Phantom Force

Vinnie Mitchell/Red Phantom Ranger

Giovanni Reese/Blue Phantom Ranger

Amaya Fletcher/Yellow Phantom Ranger

Supporting Characters

Captain Tate




Any Ideas for the Cast

TBD as Andy Fitzgerald

TBD as Kyle Johnson

TBD as Violet Carson

TBD as Vinnie Mitchell

TBD as Giovanni Reese

TBD as Amaya Fletcher

Theme Song

This Song has different lyrics for each team. Which version is used depends on the episode. Sometimes a Combined Version using lyrics from both versions is used.

Patrol Force Version

When it seems the world is falling into ruin. It Must be decided now. We need to fight back against the evil forces at our door! Go Go Go Power Rangers Patrol Force to the Rescue! Come on we won‘t back down! Go Go Go Power Rangers Patrol Force to the rescue!

Phantom Force Version

Sneaky in the Moonlight, Always ready to add more to our collection. Then it’s time to plan our getaway! Go Go Go Power Rangers Phantom Force ready to steal! Come on you can rob better than that! Go Go Go Power Rangers Phantom Force Ready to Steal!

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