Power Rangers Guardian Strike
Franchise Hyperus18 Shared Powerverse
Number 3
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Intro: Power Rangers Guardian Strike/Theme Song
Adapted from: Healin' Good PreCure
Power Rangers Wild Force
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rider Draceus
Power Rider Talisman

Power Rangers Guardian Strike is the third season of the Hyperus18/StarryShimmer Shared Powerverse.


The Elemental Realm, a secret world that has provided treatment to heal the Earth, is under attack by the Zerasites, who plan to infect Earth with a plague, putting it in great danger! To solve this crisis, Shalia, who holds a special power as the Princess of the Elemental Realm, and five creatures known as the Guardian Beasts, escape in search of five warriors to choose! Five ordinary teenagers come across the group by chance, and together, they transform into the Guardian Strike Rangers and take on the Zerasites! These five teenagers, with the desire in their hearts to protect Shalia, who lost energy after sensing the Zerasites’ attack, along with their precious Earth and each and every living thing here, now must join forces to save the Earth!


Guardian Strike Rangers

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Ranger Designation Name
Guardian Strike Red Ranger Jayden Sangster
Guardian Strike Green Ranger Dicky Valdez
Guardian Strike Blue Ranger Max Ashford
Guardian Strike Yellow Ranger Piper Davis
Guardian Strike Pink Ranger Nodoka Mikasa
Guardian Strike White Ranger Hinata Hiramitsu





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