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Power Rangers Dino Warriors
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Number 22
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Intro: I Won’t Stop Till the End!
Adapted from: Healin' Good♡PreCure
Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rangers Astral Knights

Power Rangers Astral Knights: Beyond

Power Rangers Dino Warriors (abbreviated as PRaDW) is the 22nd season of the H18 Shared Powerverse.


As an alien virus threatens to take over the world and the Healing Realm, the Healing Realm’s princess, Shalia, bestows twelve ordinary teenagers with the ability to turn into the newest team of Rangers.


Dino Warrior Rangers

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Ranger Designation Name
Dino Warriors Red Ranger Alex Goodall
Dino Warriors Green Ranger Gage Cameron
Dino Warriors Blue Ranger Kenzie Alexander
Dino Warriors Yellow Ranger Micah Park
Dino Warriors Pink Ranger Irene Lee
Dino Warriors Orange Ranger Preston Williams
Dino Warriors Cyan Ranger Kari Zhang
Dino Warriors Violet Ranger Vanessa Bryant
Dino Warriors Turquoise Ranger Eric Venegas
Dino Warriors Indigo Ranger Grace Ramirez
Dino Warriors Crimson Ranger Adrian Ellis
Dino Warriors Navy Ranger David Gutierrez



  • Dino Warrior Morpher
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