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Power Rangers Astral Knights
Franchise Hyperus18's Power Rangers (Shared Powerverse Continuity)
Number 21 SPC
Number of episodes: 40
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Intro: Brand New World
Adapted from: Star Twinkle PreCure
Kamen Rider Fourze
Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
Space Deleter
Lysergic44's Astro Warrior
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Author: Hyperus18
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Production Order
Power Rangers Quantum Guardians

Power Rangers Quantum Guardians: Alternate Timeline

Power Rangers Beast Guardians

Power Rangers Beast Guardians: Unleashed

Power Rangers Astral Knights (abbreviated as PRaAK) is the twenty-first chronological season of the Shared Powerverse Continuity.


The Darkrain Empire has plans to conquer the world and drain the universe of all its light, but there is a prophecy that would put them to their end, and who would fulfill it?

It’s now up to Lucas and Maya Tate, Travis Reyes-Hernandez, Amy Chung, Kiana Park, Tristan Santiago, Riley, Spark, Dawn and Crimson to fulfill it!

Together, they, as the Astral Knight Rangers, will bring light and peace to the world, all thanks to Cyrallis Cometfluff and the Astral Codex!


Astral Knight Rangers

Main article: Astral Knight Rangers
Designation Character Constellation
Astral Knights Red Ranger Lucas Tate Leo
Astral Knights Blue Ranger Spark Lupus
Astral Knights Yellow Ranger Nate Reyes-Hernandez Taurus
Astral Knights Pink Ranger Maya Tate Vulpecula
Astral Knights Cyan Ranger Amy Lin Delphinus
Astral Knights Green Ranger Kiana Park Pavo
Astral Knights Orange Ranger Tristan Santiago Lynx
Astral Knights Violet Ranger Dawn Aquila
Astral Knights Crimson Ranger Crimson Scorpio
Astral Knights Azure Ranger Riley Ursa Minor
Astral Knights Indigo Ranger Jaesun Park Draco
Astral Knights Cobalt Ranger Reef Pisces
Astral Knights Chartreuse Ranger Yuna Hoshina Ophiuchus
Astral Knights Vermilion Ranger Arizona Phoenix Phoenix
Astral Knights Turquoise Ranger Saria Monoceros
Astral Knights Gold Ranger Free Pegasus
Astral Knights Carnelian Ranger TbD Fornax
Astral Knights Amber Ranger TbD Camelopardalis
Astral Knights Emerald Ranger TbD Lacerta
Astral Knights Cerulean Ranger TbD Ursa Major
Astral Knights Fuchsia Ranger TbD Virgo
Astral Knights Steel Blue Ranger TbD Perseus
Astral Knights Bronze Ranger TbD Andromeda
Astral Knights Silver Ranger TbD Cassiopeia
Astral Knights Platinum Ranger TbD Cepheus
Astral Knights White Ranger TbD Orion
Astral Knights Black Ranger TbD Quadrans Muralis


Darkrain Empire



  • By far, this season has the most Rangers (88) compared to any other season.

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