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Power Rangers Astral Knights
Franchise Hyperus18's Power Rangers (Shared Powerverse Continuity)
Number 1
Number of episodes:
First episode: Chosen by the Cosmos
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Intro: Power Rangers Astral Knights (song)
Adapted from: Star Twinkle PreCure
Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
Adapted into:
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Author: Hyperus18
Collaborating Authors: StarryShimmer
PRaAK Poster
"Astral Knight Power, Awaken!"
Production Order
Power Rider Draceus

Power Rangers Astral Knights (abbreviated as PRaAK) is the first season of the Hyperus18/StarryShimmer Shared Powerverse.


The Darkrain Empire has plans to conquer the world and drain the universe of all its light, but there is a prophecy that would put them to their end, and who would fulfill it?

Answers came years after the prophecy was written, and it wouldn't come without a Red Power Ranger. Turns out, Luke Campbell with his Terran crush Kiana discovered an Exarite aura being named Nova, and they became the Red and Green Rangers respectively.

And so the journey of the Astral Knight Rangers begins here...


Astral Knight Rangers

Main article: Astral Knight Rangers
Color Name
Astral Knights Red Ranger Luke Campbell
Astral Knights Blue Ranger Spark
Astral Knights Yellow Ranger Nate Reyes-Hernandez
Astral Knights Pink Ranger Dawn
Astral Knights Green Ranger Kiana Park
Astral Knights Cyan Ranger Amy Lin
Astral Knights Orange Ranger Iron Heart
Astral Knights Purple Ranger Niaki
Astral Knights Crimson Ranger Zariel
Astral Knights Azure Ranger Jax Palmer
Astral Knights Indigo Ranger Drago
Astral Knights Vermilion Ranger Arizona Phoenix
Astral Knights Chartreuse Ranger Yuna Hoshina
Astral Knights Turquoise Ranger Saria
Astral Knights Gold Ranger Free
Astral Knights White Ranger Hikaru Hoshina


Dark Rain's Command


Main article: Arsenal (Astral Knights)


  • Astral Knight Gigazord
    • Astral Knight Ultrazord
      • Astral Knight Megazord
        • Leo AstralZord
        • Lupus AstralZord
        • Camelopardalis AstralZord
        • Aquila AstralZord
        • Pavo AstralZord
      • Taurus AstralZord
      • Delphinus AstralZord
      • Vulpecula AstralZord
      • Scorpio AstralZord
      • Ursa Minor AstralZord
    • Chamaeleon AstralZord
    • Astral Legend Ultrazord
      • Astral Paladin Megazord
        • Draco AstralZord
        • Phoenix AstralZord
      • Astral Guardian Megazord
        • Monoceros AstralZord
        • Pegasus AstralZord
    • Orion AstralZord/Orion Glory Megazord

Alternate Combinations: Astral Knight Megazord

  • Astral Knight Megazord, Taurus-Delphinus-Vulpecula-Scorpio Formation (PRaAK ep 9)
  • Astral Knight Ultrazord (Delphinus -> Chamaeleon) (PRaAK ep 15)



  • By far, this season has the most Rangers (96) compared to any other season.
  • Like PRaDFB (Dino Force Brave), the PRa season came before the SS season.
  • The constellations are categorized, and each category has its own star ray number.
    • Landmarks (Eridanus, Mensa, etc.): 3 rays
    • Inanimate objects (Antlia, Ara, etc.): 4 rays
    • Animals (Apus, Aquilia, etc.): 5 rays
    • Mythical beasts (Capricornus, Centaurus, etc.): 6 rays
    • Mythical figures (Auriga, Boötes, etc.): 7 rays
    • Obsolete constellations: 8 rays
  • PRaAK's suit design!
    • Helmets: HyperForce
    • Gloves: HyperForce + Ryusoulger
    • Chest armor: Symmetrical version of Kyuranger
    • Suit: 神兽金刚3超变星甲
    • Boots: Ryusoulger

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