Pooh Babies is an American animated children's television series about Winnie the Pooh characters as babies and toddlers. The show is produced by Playhouse Disney. It aired on Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney. Playhouse Disney and Disney Channel played reruns of the show from when it got cancelled on June 14, 2008-November 16, 2010. Disney Junior played reruns of Pooh Babies since 2013. This is Andre Stojka' s last role as Owl and Nikita Hopkins' last role as Roo and John Fielder' s last role as Piglet due to his death in 2005 and Tom Attenborough' s last role as Christopher Robin.  This is Travis Oates' first show as Piglet.     

Pooh Babies
Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and Tigger in Pooh Babies
Television show information



Created by

A.A. Milne (characters)
Bobs Gannaway

Voices of

Jim Cummings
John Fielder (2001-2005)
Travis Oates (2005-2008)
Peter Cullen
Kath Soucie
Nikita Hopkins (2001-2006)
Max Burkholder (2007-2008)
Ken Sansom
Andre Stojka
Tom Attenborough (2001-2003)
Tom Wheatley (2003-2006)
Struan Erlenborn (2007-2008)
Michael Gough
Roger L. Jackson
Jeff Bennett (uncredited)
Chuck McCann

Country of origin

United States

Original language(s)




Buena Vista Television


Original network

Disney Channel
Playhouse Disney
Disney Junior


Voice cast

Jim Cummings as Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, heffalumps, and additional voices
John Fielder as Piglet (2001-2005)
Travis Oates as Piglet (2005-2008)
Peter Cullen as Eeyore
Kath Soucie as Kanga, Mrs. Robin, and additional voices
Jeff Bennett as Mr. Robin (uncredited) and additional voices
Nikita Hopkins as Roo (2001-2006)
Max Burkholder as Roo (2007-2008)
Andre Stojka as Owl
Ken Sansom as Rabbit, Stan Woozle, and other woozles
Tom Attenborough as Christopher Robin (2001-2003)
Tom Wheatley as Christopher Robin (2003-2006)
Straun Erlenborn as Christopher Robin (2007-2008)
Michael Gough as Gopher
Roger L. Jackson as The Narrator
Chuck McCann as Heff Heffalump and other heffalumps
Frank Welker as additional voices
Corey Burton as additional voices
Bill Farmer as additional voices
Tress Macneille as additional voices                                                      




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  • Kanga, Mr. Robin, Mrs. Robin, the narrator, and the heffalumps and woozles are still adults in this show.
  • Unlike most Pooh projects, Eeyore is Blue on this show, like he is on merchandise.
  • This show reveals that Owl is the oldest Pooh baby, Rabbit is the second oldest, Gopher is the third oldest, Eeyore is the fourth oldest, Christopher Robin is the fifth oldest, Pooh is the sixth oldest, Tigger is the seventh oldest, Piglet is the eighth oldest, and Roo is the youngest.
  • Christopher Robin doesn't appear in the first 10 episodes of the show. It is revealed how he met Pooh and his friends in the 11th episode.
  • In this show, Piglet and Roo are slightly younger than they are in the regular Pooh cartoons.
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