Poltergeist: Shadowland
Directed by Jordan Peele
Produced by Sam Raimi
Rob Tapert
Edward H. Hamm Jr.
Sean McKittrick
Screenplay by Jordan Peele
Based on Characters by
Steven Spielberg
Shadowland by
Meg Cabot
Starring Oliver Robins
Jordan Peele
Ghost House Pictures
MGM Studios
QC Entertainment
TSG Entertainment
Distributed by 20th Century Studios
Country United States
Language English

Poltergeist: Shadowland is an upcoming American supernatural horror film directed and written by Jordan Peele. It is the fifth entry in the Poltergeist franchise and a direct sequel to Poltergeist (1982) and Poltergeist II: The Other Side (1986), the film will draw its title and premise from the 2000 novel Shadowland by Meg Cabot. The film stars Oliver Robins and Peele, it will be released through 20th Century Studios.


Carol Anne Freeling and her brother Robbie in their mid-40s seek help from Susannah 'Suze' Simone, an fifthreen-year-old extraordinarily gifted mediator that helps benevolent spirits resolve unfinished business in the living world and banish malevolent spirits with hostile resolve, In order to finally rid themselves of the vengeful spirit of Rev. Henry Kane, a deceased, insane preacher, who has persued and haunted them shortly after the events of the 1986 film.



With Disney's acquisition of Fox, Fox and MGM announced new Poltergeist film taking place directly after the events of the 1986 film, any knowledge of the Poltergeist 3 and 2015 film will be ignored, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert will produce the new film as they did for the 2015 film, In order to ensure the new film is a huge sucess Jordan Peele (Us and Get Out) was personally handpicked by MGM to write and direct the film with collaborators Edward H. Hamm Jr. and Sean McKittrick producing the film alongside Raimi and Tapert, the project will be Peele's first PG13 film that he's ever directed, he confirmed the film will use a much darker tone, characters based on The Tethered from Us will appear.

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