Pokemon Comedy Routine episodes. It airs every Thursday.

Series 1

Season 1 episodes.

1: The Think Smart Game

Pancham, Teddiursa and Cubchoo play go fish; Meowzie hosts her own game show "Think Smart" with Pikachu, Bunnelby and Dedenne as her contestants; Deerling sings "The Wonderful World of Nature" with clips of animals of the world; Meowth and Kangaskhan watch clips of babies. It aired on November 14, 2013.

2: Lotta Luck

Meowzie finds a 4 leaf clover on Torterra; Pachirisu shows clips of funny dogs; Helioptile's beach safety video; Noibat and Noivern teach viewers about getting a nightmare. It'll air on November 21, 2013.

3: Physical

Dedenne shows the viewers funny clips of people skateboarding in the street; Meowth and Meowzie's workout video; Snorlax needs to lose weight; Chikorita sings "Ridin' In the West!" while riding on a Dodrio. It'll air on December 5, 2013.